Year 6 Parents' Evening

Year 6 Parents' Evening will take place at Withernsea High School on Thursday, 14th July.

The event will run between 4.00pm and 7.30pm


Transition Days 

All Year 6 pupils will spend two full days at Withernsea High School on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th July

SEN students will have an additional Transition Day, organised in advance of these events. 







Transition 2022 - Latest News and Updates 

Below, you will find parent/carer letters and updates released in recent weeks. 


25th March


Parent/Carer Letter 

Please click here to view/download the welcome letter for parents/carers that was released via your child's Primary School in March. 


Primary Schools began completing data collection sheets containing information about each student joining Withernsea High School. 

25th April 




Primary Schools were given an update about the Transition Process and confirmation of the dates for Transition and Year 6 Parents' Evening. 

Any outstanding student data sheets were requested.

Preparations have begun for the Transition Days and Year 6 Parents' Evening. Further information about these will be shared with parents/carers in due course.

Confirmed date for the diary 

Year 6 Parents' Evening - Thursday 14th July, 4pm to 7,30pm. 

From Friday 13th May:

Visits to Primary Schools

Withernsea High School staff, including Miss Wiseman (Head of Year 7) and Mr Mabbott (Assistant Headteacher) visited your child's primary school to introduce them to the Transition process. 

Other members of staff, from the school's SEN, Safeguarding and Child Protection teams, also began in-person visits. 

For up-coming plans and activities, please see the Timeline below...



Transition Timeline

Below is a brief outline, detailing what the next few weeks have in store: 

From Monday 20th June:

A second visit to Primary Schools will take place and a second parent/carer letter will be sent out

This will enable us to directly answer any questions pupils may have about Transition, including the Transition Days and Summer School.

This visit will also provide an opportunity for pupils to complete an “About Me” sheet, which will tell us more about their hobbies, and interests, and allow us to learn more about them.

There will also be an opportunity for them to nominate a friend to be ‘buddied’ up with in Form Time. 

w/c Monday 27th June:

Transition Packs will be posted out directly to parents/carers by Withernsea High School.

These packs will contain all the information needed ahead of your child joining the school, which you can then ask questions about at the parents’ evening.

The packs will also contain Data and Consent forms which must be completed and returned to the school at the Year 6 Parents’ Evening.

Thursday 14th July:

Transition Day 1 

Year 6 will spend the day at Withernsea High School where they will engage in sample lessons and fun activities.

Parents’ Evening

At the end of the first Transition Day, parents/carers will join us for a Year 6 Parents/Carers Consultation Evening. Data and Consent forms from the Parent Packs should be returned on this night.

Friday 15th July:

Transition Day 2 – A second day of sample lessons and fun activities for the full Year 6 cohort. 

Wednesday 7th September

First day of Year 7 at Withernsea High School



Transition pack

This year's Transition Packs will be posted directly home the week commencing Monday, 27th June 2022. 

Each pack will contain a number of documents with comprehensive information about the school and the transition process, which should hopefully answer any initial questions you may have about our school. 

The packs are being sent home a fortnight before the Year 6 Parents' Evening to give you chance to read through the information so that any further questions you may have can be answered at the parents' evening. 

The documents are currently being prepared and digital versions will be available to view/download below from the week commencing Monday, 27th June. 

Digital downloads of Transition Pack documents





Cashless Catering / ParentPay / Free School Meals brochure 


Systems and Communications brochure 


Data and Consent Pack 

These should be completed and returned to school at the Year 6 Parents' Evening


Steady Schoolwear Information - Help with purchasing school uniform 


Transport Guide - Containing full timetables for all school services 

Hard copy packs, posted home, will also include:

• Personalised student letter

• ParentPay unique activation code

• Return envelope for Data and Consent pack. 

If any of these items are missing from your packs, please contact the school.




If you have any questions or concerns about the transition process, please contact:

Head of Year 7 - Miss Z Wiseman

Media & Events Coordinator - Mr T Nuttall 

Progress Leader KS3 - Mrs A Monaghan

SEDNCO - Mr J Beattie 

Special Educational Needs and Learning Support Coordinator - Mrs E McCreaddie

Safeguarding / Child Protection - Mrs C Tomes 



Video: What is life like at Withernsea High School?

Some of you may have visited our school before and seen a glimpse of what life is like for our students and staff, whereas others may be looking forward to their first visit. Whether you're familiar with the school or not, we hope you enjoy the following video which highlights some of the many things we do here at Withernsea High School.