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A Complete University Application Guide: More Offers, No More Stress 

Collaborating with The Mental Health Foundation, Tutorful have published a University Applications Guide aimed at alleviating the stress of applying for a place. Less stress allows students to focus on what matters most - learning and getting exam-ready during a critical time in their education. The guide has been produced in collaboration with many universities, from Oxford and Cambridge to Huddersfield.

Please click the following link to view the guide: University Applications Guide


The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is the admission service for students applying to university.This section is for Withernsea High School Students who are taking part in the UCAS process. It provides updates and information that may be helpful when applying for university.

Student guide to UCAS references

Click Here to download the reference form

• You will need one copy of the form for each course you are studying. i.e - if you are studying three A-Levels, you will need three forms.

• Complete a copy of the form for each of the subjects you are studying. (You only need to fill in the yellow section at the top of the form)

• Save the form so that your name and the subject you are applying for is in the filename. i.e. - if your name is Jane Smith and you are sending the form to your maths teacher the filename would be smithjmaths.

• Email the form to the relevant subject teacher given below.

• Your teachers will then complete the forms and return them to Mrs Copeman.

• If you have any problems, please see Mrs Copeman.