Other contacts

If you experience any problems or have concerns that a friend may need some support, you can also speak in confidence to your Form Tutor or your Head of House.  

Child protection

If you have concerns that a young person has been harmed or is at risk of significant harm, please contact any of the following people:



Child Protection Coordinator 
Mrs C Tomes

Direct Dial: 01964 611530
24 Hour Secure Answerphone

Email: tomesc@wscampus.net

Mrs Tomes' office is located on the corridor
behind the hall, near the Music room (G1).



Deputy Child Protection

Mrs E McCreaddie

Contact via Switchboard: 
01964 613133

Email: mccreaddiee@wscampus.net

Mrs McCreaddie's office is located in Student Support.



Designated Senior Lead
Mr M R Crofts

Contact via Switchboard: 
01964 613133