2021 Exam Results

Congratulations to all our GCSE and A-level students on their successes!

Due to the Covid restrictions in place, we were unable to film our regular exam results montage in 2021. However, please click the links below for our official press release and a small selection of photographs. 

Results Days 2021

Information for candidates

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 September 2021 for the 2021-22 academic year

Year 11 and Year 10 Exam Timetables - Summer 2022 

Timetables for this summer's exams can be viewed/downloaded below: 

Year 10 Exam Timetable

Please click here to view/download the Year 10 Exam Timetable

Year 11 Exam Timetable 

Please click here to view/download the Year 11 Exam Timetable



Exam Candidate Handbook

This booklet is intended to be informative about examination procedures and help to answer some frequently asked questions, as well as guiding and supporting students through the examination process.

Please click here to view/download the booklet




Advance Information overview 

Advance information is new for 2022. It’s part of the package of support available for your summer exams this year, in recognition of the disruption to your education caused by the pandemic.

The aim of advance information is to help guide and prioritise your revision. It will give you information on the focus of the content of exams in summer 2022 for most subjects.

How do I use it? 

Advance information can help guide and prioritise your revision. For example, advance information for some subjects may let you know that one part of the assessment will focus on a reduced range of specification content. You may then wish to prioritise that content in your revision.

To support your progression and best possible performance in the examinations, your revision plans should take account of everything you have been taught. Advance information will not necessarily cover all aspects of specification content that will be assessed in the 2022 examinations, so to make the best use of past papers you should revise a broad range of content. This will always be the best preparation for success in an exam, particularly in questions which ask you to draw on information, skills and examples from across the specification content (these are known as ‘synoptic questions’).

Using full past papers can also help you to familiarise yourself with the style of exam questions as part of your exam preparation.

One final note - generally, the topics in advance information will be listed in the order they appear in your specification, not the order they may be in the exam papers.

Will advance information be available for all my subjects? 

Advance information will be available for most subjects. For a small number of subjects, there are other adaptations in place to support you and so advance information will not be provided.

Advance information will not be provided for GCSEs in Art & Design as these courses do not have written exams and are graded through Non-Exam Assessments (NEA) instead. This year, these subjects with be graded on your portfolio of work only

Advance information will also not be provided in GCSE English Literature, History and Geography where flexibility in what is taught has already been introduced for 2022.

Advance information may look different across the subjects and specifications. For instance, advance information for topic-based practical subjects such as Science will differ from that for subjects with set texts such as Drama.

Different exam boards will also have variations in the advance information between specifications for the same subject. This is because the specification and assessment designs are different. Therefore, the advance information which your exam board will provide will be specifically relevant to you and your specification. If you have any questions on whether your subject will have advance information, please ask your teacher.

Will I be able to take advance information into my exams?

No. While intended to help you with your revision, advance information is not something you will be allowed to take into the exams with you. As in any year, your exam papers will clearly set out the questions you need to answer.



Advance information by subject 

Please click the links below to view/download Advance Information for specific subjects. 

Computer Science (OCR)

French (AQA)

Design Technology (AQA)

Maths (OCR)

English Language (AQA)

Science (AQA)

Film Studies (WJEC)

Statistics (Edexcel)

Food and Nutrition (AQA)