Absence line

01964 611523
24 hour service.

Please see the information on the right for full details of how and when to report absences.




The importance of attendance cannot be over emphasised. Students should attend all timetabled lessons. Study sessions, tutorials, sixth form meetings and Enrichment are all compulsory elements of your course.

In the case of frequent absences, students will be asked to attend a meeting to explain the causes of the absences. Contact home will be made at this point. Generally, we will discuss a student’s attendance with them after they have missed three days (or part days) of school. The end-of-year attendance target for all students is 95%.

Students will be involved in public examinations from May onwards and other coursework commitments span the year. Teaching for A2 courses will begin straight after the AS examinations have been taken in June and students wishing to continue into Year 13 must attend this important introductory phase.


Procedure in case of illness

A student (or parent/carer) must inform the school, if you are unable to attend lessons for all or part of that day, by telephoning Mrs Copeman on 01964 611545 before 10.30 am on that day. Please note this is a 24 hour answer service, so calls can be made at any time before this time.

If you are also absent the following day, there must again be a call before 10.30 am, for this and each subsequent day of absence.

Procedure for reasons other than illness

If you know that you are going to be away from school, and the reason for the absence qualifies as an acceptable ‘Authorised Absence’, you must notify Mrs Copeman before the absence takes place. This could include funeral, university open day, driving test (not lesson) and hospital appointment. ABSENCES IN THIS CATEGORY WILL NOT BE AUTHORISED AFTER THE EVENT.  GP and Dental appointments should always be made outside of lesson time whenever possible.

Holidays must not be booked during term time. We also strongly advise that you avoid holidays during the Easter and summer half-term holidays.