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Key Stage 3
Years 7 and 8

Key Stage 4
Years 9, 10 and 11

Key Stage 5 - Physics
Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

Key Stage 5 - Chemistry
Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

Key Stage 5 - Biology
Years 12 and 13 (Sixth Form)

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Faculty Progress Leader

Mrs A. MacKenzie

GCSE Science Revision

Please watch the following videos to support your study.

Each link will direct you to a different video which will summarise a single exam paper.

The videos cover the entire paper and last anywhere from 40 minutes up to 1 hour.

AQA Biology Paper 1

AQA Biology Paper 2

AQA Chemistry Paper 1 (C1)

AQA Chemistry Paper 2 (C2)

AQA Physics Paper 1

AQA Physics Paper 2



Links and resources

9-1 GCSE Science
Changes to exams from Summer 2018

A range of online revision materials.
for GCSE / A-level specifications and past papers
for GCSE science revision

BBC Bitesize - GCSE

S-cool GCSE revision

Primrose Kitten
Physics and Chemistry tutorials




Science is a fascinating and engaging subject which can fire a student’s curiosity about phenomena in the world around them. It engages learners at many levels, linking direct practical experience with scientific ideas. It is a fundamental part of our culture in a world which is constantly evolving and in which scientific knowledge and understanding is advancing rapidly. Science is a key part of the STEM range of subjects and provides our students with the necessary skills to pursue careers in many STEM related industries. 

At Key Stage 3 students follow our bespoke course, which we have developed in order to meet the needs of all our students. The scheme of work covers all the main key scientific concepts that are required to ensure good progression onto GCSE science courses. In addition, our scheme encourages students to ‘work scientifically’ thereby developing the skills necessary to be successful in science.  Each topic includes at least one open ended investigation which is designed to stimulate student’s curiosity about science as well as provide a genuine opportunity for investigation. 

Students will receive 3 pieces of homework per topic – 1 on spellings or equations, 1 made up of past paper questions and 1 on revision for an end of unit test.  In addition, there will be an extra creative homework set each topic, where students are able to be as creative and innovative as they want. This will then be celebrated once per half term.

Verbal feedback is a regular part of all lessons but students will additionally receive key feedback on their work at least 3 times per unit, which they will be given time to respond to and improve their work. 

At the end of each topic students will either sit an online test or a written test. As the year progresses, the test will cover all of the work they have studied.

At Christmas in Year 9 students begin the new GCSE course.


What will I learn?

Year 7                                Year 8                              Year 9

• Cells

• Keeping healthy

• Forces and pressure

• Motion and space

• Solids, liquids and gases





• Variation and inheritance

• Photosynthesis

• Energy

• Waves

• Separating mixtures 
  and the rock cycle

• Chemical reactions 
  and energy

• Electricity and magnetism

• The periodic table
   and materials