Resistant Materials is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable subjects within school. Having the opportunity to solve problems and answer design briefs with practical solutions can result in an amazing feeling of achievement.  


Useful for careers in…

Product design, Furniture design, Industrial design, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Automotive industry, Mechanics, Joinery and

Furthermore, the application of CAD CAM skills broadens your opportunities a lot in all practical and design based careers.

Design Technology is a subject where you will need to be independent. You will need to work
collaboratively with others to create complex and useful systems.  You must be prepared to apply Maths and Science in a practical setting and be determined enough to stick with it when things go wrong.

What will I learn?

Years 9, 10 and 11

Students on the course will build and refine their practical and designing skills by tackling a number of design briefs.

You will:

Learn about joining methods using many materials 

Use a range of traditional hand tools

Practice with portable power tools like drills, routers and sanders

Experience larger machinery like lathes and pillar drills

Develop quality surface finishes

Develop 2D and 3D computer skills in Solid Works

Solid Works is a 3D simulation computer modelling program used in many industrial work places. You will learn how to create parts and assemble them to make a virtual model of your ideas. Students are taught to combine these skills with traditional wood working skills often resulting in outstanding pieces of work.