Resistant Materials is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable subjects in school. It provides the opportunity to respond to a design briefs and produce a practical solution. This can result in an amazing feeling of achievement.

Resistant Materials involves both designing and making products in materials such as wood, metal and plastic using a wide range of tools, techniques and materials.


What will I learn?


Year 7 

Students on the course will build and refine their practical and designing skills.

You will:

Learn about joining methods with many materials.

Use a range of traditional hand tools.

Practice with portable power tools.

You will experience larger machinery like pillar drills.

Develop 2D Design CAD skills.

Use the laser cutter effectively.


Year 8

Being skilled in the use of Computer aided engineering systems (CAD) is crucial in today’s world.  In this course you will learn more about 2D modelling and use laser cutters to produce a project.

Design Technology is subject where you will need to be independent, you will need to build knowledge and then be able to apply it to a wide range of changing situations.  You will need to be prepared to apply Maths and Science in order to produce your models

You will:

Learn about computer graphics.

 Learn about drawing in 2D Design.

 Experience laser cutting and how to operate such machines.

 Work collaboratively to develop original designs and then make them.