Located approximately 18 miles to the east of Hull, Withernsea High School serves the population of southern Holderness and currently provides education to around 800 pupils aged 11 to 18.

The school is a unique institution in the community it serves. The strong sense of community, felt by our staff and students alike, is an inherent quality which has inspired our current motto: “Working together, achieving more”.

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Withernsea High Schools’ ethos is based on high aspirations, expectations and achievements for all. We exist to provide high quality teaching and learning experiences in a supportive and caring environment situated at the heart of our local community.


Withernsea High School:

* Ensures that high aspiration, expectation and achievement are at the core of all that we do

* Recognises and celebrates success

* Focuses on providing excellence in teaching and learning

* Offers a wide range of learning experiences

* Provides a safe, healthy and inclusive school community

* Ensures a strong sense of community between staff, our learners, parents, local communities and partners

* Provides strong pastoral care where every student is known, supported and guided


These aims are under-pinned by the following values.


* Respect for self, others, school expectations, and the environment

* Unwavering belief that every person can make a valuable contribution

* Responsibility for self, others and the community we serve

* Embracing individual diversity whilst creating a sense of belonging (being different, belonging together)

* Integrity exemplified through positive communication in words, gestures and deeds between all members of our community

* Inspiring all to be lifelong learners through challenging and engaging learning opportunities