"Music has the power of producing a certain effect on the moral character of the soul, and if it has the power to do this, it is clear that the young must be directed to music and educated in it." - Aristotle. 

Music at Key Stage 3 aims to develop three key skills; performance, composition and listening. These skills are developed through a range of units, focussing on a variety of music from different cultures and learning through a range of instruments.

Music is a well-liked subject in Key Stage 3, and the music department is a popular lunch time destination, with extra-curricular activities being held three times per week. Students have access to the studio which is available to book for rehearsal sessions during lunch time, and all students have access to our extensive instrument selection, which includes; pianos, keyboards, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, drum kits etc. We also have visiting peripatetic staff from the East Riding Music Service, who deliver one-to-one and small group lessons in; Drum kit, vocals, guitar, keyboard and upper strings. 


What will I learn?


Year 7 

Music from Africa
This unit focusses on singing in three part harmony, understanding basic rhythm through drumming and composition. Students will also begin to develop a cultural awareness of music through listening.

The Blues
Students will learn how to play the ‘12 Bar Blues’ on keyboard, this will develop; chord knowledge, chord structure, a walking bass line, ensemble playing and playing to a metronome beat.

4 Chord Guitar
Students will learn the four most common chords used in pop music; G, D, Em and C. They will learn how to play these chords on acoustic guitar, and then apply these to the song ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz. Students will work in groups of four to create a performance of this song using all the skills they have learnt over the year (vocals, drumming, keyboard and guitar). 

Year 8

Cartoon Carousel
Students will work on producing a composition based on a waltz. They will use the keyboards to compose and will begin to understand how to notate rhythms. They will record their composition into the music software ‘Music Creator’. 

Blues Melody
This unit aims to further develop students' knowledge of the Blues, focussing on the Blues scale. Students will use the blues scale to compose melodies over the 12 bar blues chords learnt in Year 7. 

Film Music
Students will begin to learn how to read notated music, and learn how film music is composed. They will learn to play a series of leitmotifs and understand how to develop these using musical devices. 

Acid is an audio remixing programme, which students will use to create their own remixes using the samples provided. They will learn how to; splice loop, use audio effects, how to mix, how to beat map, how to balance each track and how to apply panning. 

Students will learn how to play a pop song of their choice on the keyboard. This will develop their performance and listening skills and their ability to play with two hands.

This unit builds on the work done during the film music unit, where students compose their own leitmotifs to accompany the video of the Gruffalo. The leitmotifs are based around the different characters introduced throughout the story.