Covid home testing update - Wednesday 24th March

A reminder that the second round of home testing is due to be logged tomorrow (Thursday, 25th March). 

Students should test every Monday and Thursday, including during school holidays and on training days. 

During term time, tests should ideally be completed before school on Monday and Thursday mornings - or on the nights before if this is not possible.

Please upload results (positive, negative or void) to NHS Test and Trace and email the school at

Students should continue to test twice weekly over the Easter Holidays.

Students have been given enough test kits to cover this period, and at least the first week back afterwards. More kits will be distributed after Easter. 

Families and households can also access home test kits for adults.

Please refer to last Friday's parent letter and associated web article for further information about home testing: 

1) - Parent Letter 

2) - Home LFD testing Information 





Reminder: When and how to report testing related incidents

If an incident led to, or has the potential for, harm (for example, swab breaks in the mouth, bleeding, allergic reaction on using the kit), the individual testing at home should report this on the coronavirus (COVID-19) yellow card reporting site.

If there is an issue with the test kit, for example something is missing, please report it by calling 119 and also alert the school via 

If an accident or injury happens whilst using the test kit, please seek medical care by calling 111 (or 999 if it is an emergency).