Stunning Year 7 homework 'cell-ebrated' by Science Faculty

Since joining the school in September, our Year 7 cohort have made a strong start to their high school education.

From the outset, they have consistently maintained a positive attitude to learning and have delivered some stunning examples of work across all subject areas. 

This has been particularly highlighted in Science thanks to an optional homework challenge which many students eagerly opted to take part in.

The challenge came on the back of a recent in-lesson focus on plant and animal cells, with students subsequently given the opportunity to create diagrams and models to show their understanding of the topic. 

Head of Science, Mrs Mackenzie, commented: ‘We have been blown away by the imagination shown by our students and by the quality and quantity of the work delivered.

We have seen cells made out of everything from cakes, jellies and biscuits through to stones, plants and tree trucks. Others opted to use modelling clay, plasticine and cardboard alongside household items such as sponges. The range of materials used and the creativity behind the designs has been deeply impressive.

Many of the cells were constructed and labelled so well that they would make valuable models for use as teaching tools in our A-Level lessons.

The Science Faculty are immensely proud of the effort our students have put in to this challenge and we would like to thank parents/carers for their support with this assignment.’

Staff from across the Science Faculty were given the difficult task of choosing their favourite models, culminating in a Top 20 list of designs. Winning students were each presented with a certificate and posed for a photograph with their models. These images are on rotation on the school’s main display screen in the student forum, accompanied by quotes from the teachers who selected them - helping to further celebrate their work with the rest of the school.

It is sadly impossible for us to show all of the models, or the individual winners, but we hope you enjoy seeing a selection of images below.

Some will also be on display at the upcoming Year 7 parents evening on Thursday 29th November.