February 2021

Students deliver stunning examples of work during lockdown

Last month, we reported on our students’ seamless transition to Remote Learning. This report detailed the effort put in behind the scenes, from staff and students alike, to make learning during lockdown a success.

This week, with half term upon us, we thought it would be good to share the results of these efforts by showcasing some of the stunning work that our students have produced so far this year.

As mentioned in our soon-to-be-delivered WHS Connected newsletter, staff across all subject areas have been deeply impressed with the quality of work produced during the latest lockdown.

We are delighted to share a small sample of our students' efforts with you in the gallery below.




Year 9 - Electromagnets 

Abigail Little (Year 9) 

Miss East writes: “Abi has created the most outstanding piece of work on ‘The Earth as a Magnet’.

She has created a very professional looking presentation, with brilliant Science and a voice over of her explaining the ideas in the most wonderful way.

Well done, Abi!”

Tyler (Year 9) 

Mr MrGrath writes: 'Year 9 are currently studying

Tyler, one of my students, decided to create his own
electromagnet at home. How amazing!

Well done, Tyler!"


Year 7 - Compression and Tension 

Dr Finer writes: “Year 7 were set a task to design a bridge and then identify where compression and tension occurred. They used a variety of ways to produce their bridges, with several of them working collaboratively.

There were some excellent answers and designs across the whole year group.'

Science Praise 

Head of Science, Mr McGrath, writes: 'I am impressed with the engagement and attitude of all our remote learners.

I asked the Science Team to select students who they felt have embraced Remote Learning to its fullest potential, and who have made significant progress in such challenging circumstances.

We are delighted to acknowledge the endeavours of these students below and use this opportunity to show them that their efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Certificates have also been sent home to congratulate the following students: 

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11
Ava Johnson Jack Rhodes Dana Cutsforth Melissa Clubley Adam Chapman
Phoebe Jackson Abigail Stow Dylan Green Jack Holden Alyssa Hall
Sam Smith Bailey Anderson Rebekka Fores Lily-Mae Curtiss  Alice Clay
Adam Hoey Hannah Greenshields Abbie-Jane Thomson Ella Dovey Alisha Roper
Leah Wicks Trinity Thorogood Tyler Yarrow Layla Ford Leah Wright
Marianne Campbell Zoe Byrom Lauren Grantham Oscar Wong Abi Kelly
Ryan Milne Erin Corcoran  Kayden Walsh-Cusic Bianca Myers Sophie Banks
Lauren Hooley Joel Williams James Clay Freddie Wright Molly Kirk
Aaron Oglesby Oscar Duplock Freddy Finn Sally Green Archie Matthews
Jenna Hooley Connor Bradley Jasmine Dove Ryan Lewis Bridget Macinnes-Morrison
Stanley Goring Ellis Thomson Marley-Joe Donnelly Tallulah Frazer Darcy Adcock-Shaw
Breanna Burnham Chloe Armitage   Katie Lusmore Kerrie Dearing
  Chris Faulkner   Alysha Floater Rob Williams
  LJ Brazier   Keagan Webb Aimee-Leigh Dove
  Oliver Newbould   Jack Stephenson Fynnley Marshall 
  Dean Wilson   Rean'n Rawlins  
  Scarlet Tilley   Hope Petty  
  Joe Broom   Jack Harrison  
      Ruby Palmer  
      Megan Davison  
      Ryan Burke  
      Matthew Wilson  
      Charlie Burkitt  

ABOVE: Head of Science, Mr McGrath, with (left to right) Ryan Burke, Matthew Wilson and Jack Harrison.

Mr McGrath commented: 'Ryan, Matthew and Jack have been attendees at school during lockdown and are students who I teach. I have been really impressed with their engagement within my lessons. They all possess a fantastic personal trait of resilience, which helps them tackle some of the more challenging Science content.'



Year 7 - How to talk about family members

Teacher of French, Mrs Jones, writes: 'As soon as we returned after the Christmas holidays, I started a new topic with Year 7: How to talk about family members.

We had only just covered the basics when Horton sent me the below piece of work completely out of the blue. Of his own accord, he had decided to write about his grandparents in some detail, which includes a lot of vocab we still haven't learned and where he clearly made a lot of effort checking words independently.

Yes, there are some minor mistakes, but none of these are major and there are no errors that prevent communication. Everything Horton is trying to say comes across perfectly well.

For Year 7, Horton's work is truly remarkable. I am so proud of him and I am amazed at his self-drive in producing this and the sheer effort he clearly made.

I am impressed that he is already able to produce quality work of this kind. He has even managed to make accurate use of a reflexive verb in the final paragraph, in the 3rd person plural - something students at GCSE level can get confused with!

Well done, Horton!'


Translated into English, Horton's work reads like this:


My grandfather and grandmother, written by Horton Lane-Cole

My grandparents live in Kent. They have a small comfortable bungalow and a beautiful garden. They are very old but in good health. They love each other very much.

My grandfather is 77 years old. His name is Melvyn and he loves the garden.

My grandmother is 70 years old and her name is Gillian. She loves reading magazines and doing crosswords. Both of them have grey hair and false teeth!

They love going for long walks together. I miss them a lot!



Maths and Statistics 

Year 10 Statistics 

Mr Hedjazi, Head of Maths, writes: 'You aren't really supposed to have favourite classes, but my Year 10 Statistics class are certainly putting that to the test.

The lesson below was on "lines of best fit" and I just wanted to showcase the excellent quality of work that was sent into me from the students.

I wanted to put more on, but there simply wasn't enough space! Well done, Year 10!'


Year 8 Maths 

Teacher of Maths, Miss Davis, writes: ‘Year 8 recently explored converting between different units of measurement.

They came up with a variety of real-life applications in which this skill would be useful, as well as showing their understanding of the maths required. As a Maths teacher, I am often asked when such skills would ever be used, and this task helped to demonstrate the application of these skills in daily life.’

DOWNLOAD: Please click here to view/download the Year 8 work



Year 7 - Volcanoes

Miss Griffiths, Teacher of Geography, writes: ''Year 7 were asked to research a volcano of their choice.

They had to include its location, its structure and information about any eruptions - when they occurred and the impacts they had. Later in the topic, students moved on to explore hazards and reducing the impacts of eruptions. 

Year 7 classes delivered some fantastic work, like the example below from Megan Biglin.

Megan has worked so very hard during Remote Learning and every piece of work as been completed to a high standard. 

Well done to Megan and to all Year 7 Geographers for their hard work!' 




Year 7 - Churches 

Year 7 students have recently been learning about all aspects of Medieval Religion and many students took the time to produce their own works of wonder as part of their ‘screen-free’ activities.

Teacher of History and Second in Faculty, Mr Bell, said: ‘I am really impressed with the time and effort that has gone into each model. Well done, all!’




Year 7 - Bread making and baking  

Miss Bircumshaw, Teacher of Food, writes: 'Horton Lane-Cole in Year 7 has prepared a presentation of the cooking he has been doing at home.

I thought it was absolutely fantastic and shows some great skill!

Well done, Horton!'

DOWNLOAD: Please click here to view/download Horton's presentation


Year 8 - Spaghetti Bolognese 

Miss Bircumshaw, Teacher of Food, writes: 'I tasked Year 8 students with making a Spaghetti Bolognese.

This is after their learning about hygiene and food safety.

They have used a high-risk food and have put their knowledge into action to produce some fantastic results!'




Year 9 - Stir Fry 

Miss Bircumshaw, Teacher of Food, writes: 'I tasked Year 9 students with making a Chicken Stir Fry, using a wide variety of different vegetables.

This follows their learning on vitamins and minerals and the importance of incorporating micronutrients into the diet.

All students have shown great skill with their cooking and I am very impressed with all of the results.'

Year 10 - Macaroni Cheese

Miss Bircumshaw, Teacher of Food, writes: 'I tasked Year 10 students with making a Macaroni Cheese. This follows their learning on the functional properties of carbohydrates and the students have put gelatinisation into action.

All students have been showing great skill and their results are very impressive!'


Year 11 - Risotto

Miss Bircumshaw, Teacher of Food, writes: 'Year 11 students were given the task of making a Risotto.

This is a complex skill which will help prepare them for completing non-examined assessment.

Those who completed the practical have really demonstrated their skills and I am very impressed with the results!' 



Art and DT

Year 9 and 10 Engineering and Resistant Materials 

Mr Halls, Teacher of DT, writes: 'Year 9 and 10 have both really taken to Remote Learning and have produced some fantastic work in Resistant Materials and Engineering. Well done to all!'


Year 9 and 10 - Art and Photography  

Miss Matthewman, Teacher of Art, writes: 'Years 9 and 10 have been working on some photography lessons.

They were asked to try different techniques, such as adjusting lighting, free-lensing, using viewfinders and shooting from different angles. 

All this has been done with limited equipment at home and most using their phone camera. 

There is some really good work here and I am pleased at how resourceful students have been in using the limited materials they have available.

Well done, Key Stage 4!' 

Years 7 to 11 - Art and Photography  

A compilation of work from Mrs Keith's classes is available to view by following the link below...

DOWNLOAD: Please click here to view/download examples of Art work from students in Years 7 to 11