August 2021

School’s IN for Summer!

In response to the effects of the Covid pandemic, and as part of the measures put in place through continuing government-funded catch-up initiatives, Withernsea High School recently held a week-long Summer School that offered a range of fun activities for some of its youngest students.

The week’s programme offered the school’s current Year 7 cohort, as well as those who will be joining in September as the new Year 7, an opportunity to experience some of the many things that they have missed out on due to the pandemic.

These included sporting, creative, practical and therapeutic activities that encouraged students to work together and interact in ways that were not possible during periods of national restrictions.
Among the many sporting activities on offer were an introduction to Karate, a WHS World Cup football tournament and a mini Olympics. Elsewhere, participants got to demonstrate their practical skills by taking part in their own ‘Summer on a Plate / Bake-Off’ activity where they made their very own Afternoon Tea and hand-painted plates to serve it on.

Creative opportunities included an ‘Orchestra in a Day’ music workshop and a ‘School of Rock’ showcase where participants were introduced to the Music, Drama and Dance behind the popular musical – a production of which will be staged at the school in July 2022.

Other sessions throughout the week included a Creative Writing workshop, a Maths Challenge activity and an opportunity for budding engineers to get to grips with making and operating their own Morse Code device.

However, one of the main highlights of the week was the ever-popular ‘Science Bonanza’. This offered students an opportunity to explore Science through hands-on activities and explosive demonstrations.

Coordinating the week was Assistant Headteacher Richard Mabbott who commented: ‘The Summer School was a great success and a fantastic way to compensate for some of the missed opportunities lost due to Covid.

As a school, we felt it was essential to offer our young people the opportunity to access their full potential in a range of practical and creative subjects that have been subject to some of the tightest restrictions over the past year and a half.’

Commenting on the impact of the week on those involved, Mr Mabbott continued: ‘It has been particularly pleasing to offer this opportunity to current Year 6 students, who missed out on much of our regular in-person transition events due to the extension of restrictions at the end of last term.

Offering them an opportunity to visit the school, meet staff and interact with their peers and current pupils ahead of September has been hugely important and we have seen friendships develop and confidence grow in a relatively short space of time as a result of this.

I am grateful to the many staff who have given up their time to come in and lead the activities which have contributed to giving our new intake a brilliant idea of what Withernsea High School is about.’

The success of the Summer School has laid the foundation for a range of legacy events in the new academic year, including a continuation of some of the activities as extra-curricular clubs. Perhaps, more importantly, the legacy of friendship formed by students in different years will help bridge the gap in transition for Year 6 and inspire greater connectivity within the school community.

ABOVE: WHS staff members Viki Foster and Daisy Turner led the popular Science Bonanza with explosive results! 

 ABOVE and BELOW: Participants in the Science Bonanza got to grips with making their own slime! 

ABOVE: Miss Riley led a popular session teaching Karate. It was one of a number of sporting activities that took place throughout the week. 

ABOVE: Participants got artistic decorating their own plates. The group's time was split between this activity and taking part in a Bake Off where they produced their own Afternoon Tea.