April 2021

School Library – Book Amnesty

As a gesture of goodwill to compensate for the disruption brought about by Covid-19, the school library is offering an amnesty to anyone currently in possession of an overdue library book.

Between now and half term, books can be returned to the school without risk of penalty or restrictions on borrowing.

At present, there are approximately 120 books outstanding – with a collective value of around £1000.

Aside from the financial aspect, the overdue books also contribute towards a decrease in choice for students at a time when regular reading is being actively promoted as part of the whole-school focus on improving literacy.

At any given moment, approximately 400 books are signed out on regular loan from anywhere between two to four weeks at a time. This figure represents the increasing desire of students to engage in reading for learning and pleasure.

Julie Thompson, Head of Library Services, commented: ‘Our book amnesty aims to reunite long-overdue books with our library shelves, giving our regular readers increased choice whilst maintaining a healthy stock of both fiction and non-fiction titles for all students.

As the number of book loans continues to increase, it is a pleasure to see so many of our students engaging in reading as both a pastime and as a component to learning. However, the increased number of loans, coupled with the difficulties of the past year, has brought with it an unprecedented number of books being unaccounted for.

If any student suspects that they have a book outstanding, we encourage them to return it to school as soon as possible. This can be done without risk of penalties or being in trouble of any kind, regardless of how far overdue the book is.

I kindly ask parents/carers to speak to their children and check if they have any books outstanding. If they, or you, are unsure about the status of existing loans, then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be happy to confirm this.’

The book amnesty ends at 2.20pm on Friday, 28th May.

Books should be returned to the school reception, or any member of teaching staff, who will ensure they are returned to the library.

Any overdue books not returned before this date may be considered as “missing” and you could be asked to pay for a replacement. Replacement book values range from a minimum of £5 to a maximum of £10, depending on the title in question.

To check the status of a book please email Mrs J Thompson (Head of Library Services) at thompsonj@wscampus.net 

What if my child’s book is lost?

In most cases, books can be easily misplaced at home. They could find themselves hidden by other objects; scooped up and put in cupboards/drawers, or they could even be found hiding at the bottom of a school bag! They may have even ended up on a bookshelf at home, alongside your own books.

We recommend having a thorough search at home. But, if you believe the book is lost, please email Mrs Thompson to let her know.

What do Withernsea High School Library books look like?

Our library books have a barcode marked ‘Withernsea High School’ on the back cover. 

On the spine of the book, our books feature a label containing either letters (the first three letters of the author’s name) or numbers that indicate the book’s place in the Dewey Decimal System.

On the inside cover you will find a label containing a quiz number, point score and other information used as part of our Accelerated Reader programme. Next to this, on the first page, will be the date-stamp sheet that indicates when the book is due in by.

What are the consequences for overdue books outside of the amnesty?

Under normal circumstances, books are given either a two or four week loan period with the return date clearly stamped in the front of the book. If a book is not returned on time, the following will apply:

5 or more days overdue – A text will be sent home

10 or more days overdue – Student will receive 5 negative behaviour points and be suspended from using the library until the book is returned or replaced.

If a student would like to keep a book for longer than the initial loan period, and providing no other students are on the waiting list to receive the book, they can contact Mrs Thompson for a renewal.