September 2019

Year 10 students enjoy a night at the theatre

Earlier this week, members of the English faculty accompanied fifty Year 10 students on an evening visit to Hull New Theatre to a watch a performance of Stephen Daldry’s award-winning production of An Inspector Calls.

The play, written by dramatist J.B Priestly in the 1940s, is currently being studied by the year group as part of their GCSE English Literature course.

Laura Aldridge, Progress Leader for English, commented: ‘The students have really enjoyed reading the script in lessons, but seeing it brought to life on stage opens up a whole new dimension for them. Not only does it allow them to clearly see the interactions between characters, it also highlights the importance of stage directions by seeing them in action, rather than just reading them as notes at the side of the page.’

The play exposes the intrinsic flaws of greed and power while also exploring the importance of social responsibility and collaborative working to make society a better place. Themes which, despite the age of the play, are still extremely relevant in today’s society. 

Mrs Aldridge added: ‘The relevance of the themes, combined with the visually impactful staging, combined to deliver a really excellent production. Our students were captivated throughout and their behaviour was exemplary – they were a real credit to themselves and to the school.’

‘Trips such as this are really important as they allow students to not only see the texts of their studies come to life, but they also offer a taste of learning away from the classroom – delivering an opportunity that enriches their overall cultural experience.’

Following the success of this trip, and a previous visit earlier in the year to watch a production of Macbeth, a further theatre trip is planned in the near future as a number of Year 11 students will watch a production of Blood Brothers.

ABOVE: Year 10 students enjoyed an evening at Hull New Theatre on Tuesday, 24th September.