October 2018

Bin It! Students learn a lesson about littering

On Wednesday 3rd October, Withernsea High School was visited by the ‘Bin It!’ roadshow – an entertaining and engaging session aimed at confronting the effect of littering on society.

Professional actors delivered a humorous and thought-provoking production with the purpose of encouraging young people to explore a sense of personal responsibility. By demonstrating the effects of anti-social behaviour, such as the consequences of dropping chewing gum, their goal is to change behaviour, making students more socially and environmentally aware about litter they may drop.

Andrea Monaghan, Progress Leader for Key Stage 3, commented: ‘The 'Bin It!' roadshow was a great success and was well-received by our students. The visit was perfectly timed as it coincided with the launch of Withernsea High School’s new ‘Eco Club’ which encourages our students to think globally and act locally to reduce the use of plastic in the school and the local area. Events and activities such as these are vital in helping students learn a sense of responsibility for the environment around them.'

The 'Bin It!' campaign launched in 2006 and now visits over 240 schools annually across the UK and Ireland. It is sponsored by the Wrigley Company in an effort to help educate everyone to dispose of their products in the right way.

By teaching students about correct litter disposal, it helps them learn that they can have a positive influence on their environment by helping to reduce the amount of litter around them.

Students who learn about the need to reduce litter become more caring about their environment and gain heightened social responsibility.

The 'Bin It!' roadshow was performed to all students in years 7, 8 and 9.

The school’s Eco Club runs every Wednesday lunchtime in G6. Students in any year are welcome to join the club and help lead the way as we seek to reduce the negative environmental impact of litter in our school community. Please contact Miss Brown in the Humanities Faculty for further information.