November 2018

Year 8 students enjoy Maths enrichment opportunity

On Friday 16th November, a number of our Year 8 students attended a Maths enrichment event at The Lawns in Cottingham.

The event was aimed at showing students some of the broader applications of Maths outside the classroom.

Amongst the varied applications they studied they learned how Maths is linked to Rubik’s cube; why hexagons are used by bees for their honeycomb cells and how certain types of Cicada are kept immune to predators by prime numbers.  

They were also taught some ‘Maths magic’ to bamboozle their friends and family.

Leading the trip was Hayley Davis, Teacher of Maths. Miss Davis commented: 'Maths is often viewed as abstract and students can struggle to see how the subject is applied in everyday life. Events like these are crucial in helping students to understand Maths in the wider world, providing an invaluable learning experience outside the confines of their classrooms.’