May 2019

Mathematics success for Withernsea High School students

Towards the end of the Spring Term, six students from Years 9 and 11 took part in the Intermediate Mathematics Challenge – a national competition held annually to inspire young mathematicians.

Set by the UK Mathematics Trust – a registered charity whose aim is to advance the education of children and young people in mathematics – the Intermediate Mathematics Challenge aims to stimulate problem-solving amongst its competitors. It is the UK's most popular Maths competition, with over 300,000 students taking part each year.

This year, students were required to answer a series of challenging and logically demanding Mathematical problems as part of a multiple choice test.

With the results now in, a presentation of certificates took place this week to recognise student achievement.

Amir Hedjazi, Head of Mathematics, commented: ‘Good problem solving skills are crucial for success in both Maths and in wider real-life contexts.

All six of our winners are fully deserving of their awards. From regular conversations with their teachers throughout this year, it is clear that their dedication and commitment to their studies is a quality shared equally among them.

On behalf of myself and the entire Maths department, congratulations and well done to the winners.'

Year 9 Winners:

Libby Hickman - Bronze and Best in Year

Claire Williams - Bronze

Liam Marshall - Bronze
Year 11 Winners:

OIiver Larsen - Bronze, Best in Year and Best in School

Holly Wilson - Bronze

Gabriel Lord - Bronze

ABOVE: Year 11 winners Gabriel Lord, Oliver Larsen and Holly Wilson with Head of Mathematics Amir Hedjazi.


In other Maths news, a recently-launched incentive to reward independent study through use of the MathsWatch platform has resulted in twelve Year 11 students winning a gift card to acknowledge their commitment to learning.

MathsWatch is an independent online learning platform that enables students in Years 7 to 11 to develop their Mathematical skills through the use of a range of resources including guidance videos, online assessments, printable worksheets and feedback tools. 

The platform inspires students to make the very best progress in Maths and forms part of the vital preparation required for students to make a success of themselves at GCSE level. 

With the first Maths GCSE exam only a week away, these students have gone above and beyond to ensure they are well prepared.

Further information about the MathsWatch platform, including help with logging on, can be sourced from any member of the Maths Faculty.



Gift card winners for the MathsWatch tasks are as follows...

 £25 winners:

Higher - Eddie Meek

Foundation - Isabel Robinson

£10 winners:

Holly Wilson

Jack Harman

Zoe Langthorp

Ben Brady

Skye Osborne

£5 winners:

For most logins/videos watched...

Amy Banks

Kasia Suchan

Jordan Cane

Tom Burgess

Georgie Razey

In the interest of fairness, the winners were randomly drawn from the top 5/10 students from each class depending on completion rates.