July 2018

Geography Fieldwork

Working in classrooms located just 500m from the North Sea, Geographers at Withernsea High School are well-placed to observe the power of natural forces on human communities.

It is an exciting context in which to study Geography and it helps to make it one of the school’s most popular subjects. Close proximity to one of Europe’s fastest eroding coastlines offers an unrivalled opportunity for our students to study first-hand the effects of coastal erosion.

Over the past fortnight, Year 9 and 10 students have excelled themselves as ‘Geographers in the field’ by completing their first piece of physical fieldwork on Withernsea beach.

Students were tasked with investigating the effectiveness of coastal defences by measuring the accumulation of sand on each side of a groyne, exploring longshore drift and undertaking an environmental survey of management strategies.

The data collected will be analysed and used as part of their Paper 3 GCSE exam in Year 11 and will help to further deepen their understanding of coastal processes.

Head of Humanities Sarah Harris commented: ‘The students were, as always, fantastic ambassadors for the school and behaved impeccably as they gathered their fieldwork data. We were blessed with perfect weather conditions which made the whole experience even more enjoyable. We are already looking forward to our next fieldwork opportunity which will see the students visit Beverley town centre to undertake data collection for the study of topics in human geography.'

Student feedback was equally positive, with Year 10 student Abbie Bramhall commenting: 'I really enjoyed taking part in the beach fieldwork and I am looking forward to our human fieldwork in Beverley after the summer holidays.' Jasmine Eldridge added: 'It was a great experience and I enjoyed learning how to measure costal processes.'