School Open

28/02/18 - 9.20am

Due to the weather conditions around the local area, tonight's Headteacher's Clinic and all after school clubs are cancelled.  

28/02/18 - 7.55am

Buses: Buses are operating as normal along the main road routes. Some services to outlying villages on minor roads may not be collecting.

The latest information provided to us by the travel company is as follows:

Bus Number 310 - This service will not be picking up at Winestead. It will stick to the main road only at Keyingham.

Bus Number 313 - This service will not be picking up at Owstwick and Tunstall. In Halsham it will stay on the main road only.

Should buses not arrive at collection points, students are advised not to travel.

28/02/18 - 7.40am:

Withernsea High School is open as normal.

Should anything change throughout the day, we will update you as soon as possible.

For full advice and procedures for adverse weather, please refer to the following letter: Arrangements during adverse weather