Students jump for joy with rewards trip

Fifty students recently had their commitment to extra-curricular activities recognised and rewarded with a trip to Hull’s Rebound Trampoline Park.

The trip was organised to reward the students who have amassed the most extra-curricular points in the first half of the Autumn term. 

Extra-curricular points work alongside the school’s existing house points system as an incentive for students to get involved in more activities outside of the classroom. Students earn a single point simply by turning up to clubs, with additional points being awarded for effort and commitment. 

Earlier in the term, students were given the opportunity to put forward their own suggestions for the types of activities that they would like to experience as a reward. Among the most popular choices were trips to the cinema, a rock climbing adventure centre and Rebound.

Each half term a different trip will run for the students who have collected the most points within that time frame. Towards the end of the Summer Term in 2018, the final trip of the year – to reward the year’s highest point scorers – will be to Alton Towers theme park.   

Jon Beattie, one of the school’s two Extra Curricular Coordinators, commented: ‘Rewards trips such as these are a really fun way to recognise students’ hard work outside of their normal lessons. Rewarding positive behaviour and actions undoubtedly has a knock-on effect which is felt throughout the school.

The behaviour and attitude of the students was exemplary and this made for a really enjoyable afternoon.’

Year 8 student Kian Shipley added: ‘It was the best thing I have ever done!’

Well done to all the students who qualified for a place on this trip!