August 2018

Governors' Awards 2018

The assembly is a popular fixture in the school's events calendar and offers a unique opportunity to bring the whole school community together at the end of the academic year to celebrate achievements in all subjects across the curriculum.

The event began with a welcome from Chair of Governors Mrs Heaton and an introduction by recently appointed Headteacher, Mark Crofts.

Deputy Headteacher Mr Wardman introduced the Subject Awards while Acting Deputy Headteacher Mrs Pindar introduced the Whole School and Community Awards. These were in turn presented by various special guests, including School Governors and friends of the school.

A brief break in proceedings allowed for the showing of a video, featuring highlights from the previous days' Sports Day - which had returned after an absence of two years.

Towards the end of the Assembly, Mr Crofts presented the school's two House Cup trophies to the houses which had scored the best Attendance record and amassed the most House Points throughout the year. This year the cups went to Fouracre for Attendance and Robert Cross for House Points.

After the event, guests enjoyed refreshments in the canteen while the award winners were photographed with their awards.

A full list of winners can be found beneath the pictures.

Subject Award Winners.

BELOW: Whole School and Community Award Winners.


Subject Awards

The English awards were introduced by Mrs Ogilvie (Subject Progress Leader) and presented by Mrs McCreaddie (Head of Learning Support and Governor of the School). The winners were:


Year 7 - Layla Ford
Year 8 - Cameron Robson
Year 9 - Ruth Ogilvie
Year 10 - Charlotte Pryor 
Accelerated Reader

Year 7 - Ellie Armitage
Year 8 - Bridget MacInnes-Morrison
Year 9 - Catherine Greenhalgh
Year 10 - Henry Fussey

Film Studies

Year 9 - Chloe Hodkin
Year 10 - Emily Fincham

The French awards were introduced by Mrs Pavey (Subject Progress Leader) and presented by Mrs Henderson (Governor of the School). The winners were:


Year 7 - Ella Dovey
Year 8 - Kacie Johnson
Year 9 - Saxon Thompson
Year 10 - Blake Steele

The Science awards were introduced by Mrs Britchford (Second in Science) and presented by Mr Ogilvie (Governor of the School). The winners were:


Year 7 - Oliver Richardson
Year 8 - Max Buttle
Year 9 - Ellie Robson and Rosie Littlewood
Year 10 - Zoe Langthorp

The Maths, Business and IT awards were introduced by Mr Miller (Subject Progress Leader) and presented by Mrs Harrison (Governor of the School). The winners were:

Year 7 - Harry Thompson
Year 8 - Alyssa Hall
Year 9 - Emily Paviour
Year 10 - Leah Garbutt

Year 7 - Alexander Tallett
Year 8 - Ella Garnett
Year 9 - Alan Strauhs
Year 10 - Robbie Rawson


Year 9 - Ellis Calow
Year 10 - Tom Burgess

Year 10 - Holly Wilson

The Art and Design Technology awards were introduced by Mr Bullock (Subject Progress Leader) and presented by PC Ainley (Governor of the School). The winners were:


Year 7 - Jack Snaith
Year 8 - Ella Garnett
Year 9 - Amelia Murray
Year 10 - Emily Fincham
Exceptional Performance in Art: Lucy Fincham

Year 7 - George Holwell
Year 8 - Thomas Little
Year 9 - Lewis Eldon
Year 10 - Jordan Cane


Year 9 - Harvey Dearing

Year 9 - Tegan Winter
Year 10 - Courtney Doney

Hair and Beauty

Year 9 - Ascemina Koutsi
Year 10 - Abby Bentley
Resistant Materials

Year 9 - Daisy Clubley
Year 10 - Oliver Larsen

The Sport and Performing Arts awards were introduced by Mr Page (Subject Progress Leader) and presented by Mrs Henderson (Governor of the School). The winners were:


Year 7 - Sinead Brady
Year 8 - Abigail Reid
Year 9 - Aimee Burt
Year 10 - Emma Lusmore

Year 7 - Joshua Clegg
Year 8 - Jessica Reid
Year 9 - Harvey Green
Year 10 - Elysia Thomas


Year 7 - Oscar Wong
Year 8 - Emily Gautier
Year 9 - Caden Bates
Year 10 - Cona Dunnett

Year 9 - Charlie Clark
Year 10 - Benjamin Brady

The Humanities awards were introduced by Mrs Harris-Smith (Subject Progress Leader) and presented by Mr Ogilvie (Governor of the School). The winners were:


Year 7 - Jack Holden
Year 8 - Abigail Cooper
Year 9 - Harry Wilson
Year 10 - Ruth Chapman

Year 7 - Katie Lusmore
Year 8 - Harry Reece
Year 9 - Daniel Lorimer
Year 10 - Ben Lindgren

Religious Studies

Year 7 - Lily-Mae Curtiss
Year 8 - Kian Shipley
Year 9 - Leah Fuller
PSHE/Social Studies

Year 7 - Brooke Martin
Year 8 - Charlotte Reynolds
Year 9 - Rose Watkinson
Year 10 - Aiden Ackroyd

Whole School and Community Award Winners

Self Improvement
The awards were presented by Mrs McCreaddie (Head of Learning Support and Governor of the School). The winners were:

Kai Fisk, Sophie Lount, Harry Applegarth, Reece Harman, Skye Osbourne, Harry Reece and Tom Burgess.

Service to the Community

This award was presented by Cllr Cloke (Friend of the School and ex-Chair of Governors). The winners were:

Alex Ogilvie and Chloe Middleton

Service to the School

This award was presented by Inspector Hinch (Humberside Police). The winner was:

Daniel Welch

Janet Bearpark Award
This award was presented by Terry Bearpark (Janet's father and Friend of the School). The winner was:

Robbie Rawson

Janet was a hard-worker in every subject. She left Withernsea High School in 1984 with nine thoroughly-deserved ‘O’ Levels. This award, in her memory, is to recognise hard work, a positive attitude to learning  and a commitment to achieve the best possible results.

Creative Writers Award
This award was presented by Cllr Dagnall (Mayor of Withernsea). The winners were:

Ben Miller and Suzie Parkinson

The Creative Writers Award was established by a group of writing enthusiasts, known as the Withernsea Writers, who met to share their love of literature in their own time. 

Kenny Baker Award
This award was presented by Cllr Dagnall (Mayor of Withernsea). The winner was:

Hannah Mowforth

This award is named after successful Jazz musician Kenny Baker. Kenny was born in Withernsea in 1921 and went on to play trumpet in jazz bands at venues all around the world, with some of the most famous musicians of his time.  

Dave Iley Sport Award
This award was presented by Ellie-Mae Iley (A current student and member of the Iley family). The winner was:

Kazia Walby

Dave Iley was brought up in Withernsea and attended all three schools. He had a passion for sport, in particular football and boxing. Dave played football and boxed with commitment, enthusiasm and a will to win. He sadly passed away aged 32 while playing the game he loved for Eldons Football Club in 1995. 

Kay Kendall Performing Arts Award
This award was presented by Cllr Cloke (Friend of the School and ex-Chair of Governors). The winner was:

Billie Hockless

Kay Kendall was born on Hull Road and went on to become an internationally famous actress in many British and American films. 

Centrica Award

This award was presented by Miss Chamberlain (Centrica Storage, Easington). The winner was:

Gabriel Lord

Centrica is a British multinational company whose principal activity is the supply of electricity and gas. It is the largest supplier of gas to domestic customers in the UK. We are really proud to be associated with Centrica, an association that goes back many years, as the company has regularly supported our award assemblies with prizes to recognise student performance in engineering.