Hard-Boiled Humanities

In celebration of Easter, the Humanities Faculty resurrected their popular ‘Hard-Boiled Challenge’ – a competition for students to decorate hard-boiled eggs and place them in an historical, geographical or religious setting.

The challenge offered students an opportunity to research their own subject, or to further explore topics they have studied in History, Geography or Religious Studies lessons, as inspiration for their settings,

Many students in Year 7 reflected upon their recent learning in History, with the murder of Thomas Becket being among the more dramatic entries.

Year 9 entrants chose to represent different aspects of Geography, such as rainforests and the oceans, while two Year 10 students drew upon their learning of the American Civil Rights movement to recreate Rosa Parks’ famous bus protest.

Everyone who took part was awarded a small prize for their efforts. However, the high quality of the entries made it impossible for the Humanities team to decide upon an overall winner - so a number of larger prizes were handed out to a variety of participants to recognise their fantastic efforts.

Miss Brown of the Humanities Faculty commented: ‘We decided to run the egg decorating competition again as a bit of end-of-term fun in the run up to Easter. During the last week of term, we also invited students in Key Stage 3 to join us one lunchtime for a craft and decorating session. This proved to be very popular, with much fun and “egg-citement” being had by both students and staff!

Overall, we thought the standard of this year’s entries was eggscellent. All the Humanities staff had cracking fun judging a range of colourful and interesting creations. We’d like to say to all participants, you’re all good eggs! ’ 

The main prize winner were: 

Shannon Hall and Leah Gray (Year 10)
Theme: Rosa Parks

Roxy Eldon (Year 7)
Theme: The Ocean
Bianca Myers (Year 7)
Theme: Magna Carta
Gracie Mai Thomas (Year 7)
Theme: Thomas Becket
Ben Clappison (Year 7)
Theme: Apollo 11
Melissa Clubley (Year 7)
Theme: Robin Hood

ABOVE: Melissa Clubley, Bianca Myers and Ben Clappison pose with their winning entries.

ABOVE: Melissa Clubley's Robin Hood theme.

ABOVE: Bianca Myers' Magna Carta Theme

ABOVE: Ben Clappison's Apollo 11 Theme