Going for Gold: Olympic inspiration for students

A series of assemblies have taken place for all year groups at Withernsea High School this week with the theme of a ‘Flying start’. The aim behind the assemblies was to help students begin the new school year in a positive and focussed manner, giving them the strongest start possible.

Headteacher Richard Williman, who led the assemblies, spoke of the need for a ‘can do’ attitude and the drive to always aim for the best. Emphasis was placed on the importance of full attendance, the motivation to work outside of school and to act on the advice of teachers.

Inspiration was drawn from the success of our A-Level and GCSE students who collected a strong set of results in August, and the amazing success of Team GB in this summer’s Rio Olympics.

A particular source of inspiration came from the words of Jim Glover, father of two times Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover, who was interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live about his daughter’s success after she won Gold in the women’s coxless pairs in Rio. This was Helen’s second Gold after winning her first at London 2012. When asked by the interviewer what Helen had gone through to get to where she is, Mr Glover replied:

“Well, she is an amazing worker. She puts her rowing before everything else. She is just incredible. Very strong trainer. Her coach says that she is a joy to work with because she just does everything she is told again and again and again. Never demurs at all, does things with a smile and deserves all that she has achieved.”

Mr Glover’s words perfectly echo the message we aim to reinforce with our students - that hard work DOES pay off. If students do as instructed without reluctance and with a positive attitude then they will reap the rewards. By following this advice, our students can be sure that we will all be as proud of them as Jim Glover is of his daughter.

Everyone at Withernsea High School would like to congratulate Helen on her many achievements and we thank her and her family for being the inspiration for our students as they enter the 2016-17 academic year.

Helen's parents - Jimmy and Rachel Glover

Helen celebrates her Gold in Rio with her fiance Steve
Backshall and her family. 

Year 9 and 10 listen to the words of Jim Glover.

A-Level and GCSE Exam Results Day 2016.