Hydrogen Car Challenge

Last Friday (14/10/16), students in years 9 and 10 participated in the Hydrogen Car Challenge – a hands-on STEM exercise to design, build and race hydrogen-powered models.

Working in teams, students used LEGO® to realise their designs and create working model vehicles which were propelled by means of hydrogen fuel cells.  

Each team entered their model in to a race of efficiency with the winning design being judged by the furthest distance travelled on a fixed amount of fuel. 

Participants were encouraged to build their models as quickly as possible, then race their cars a number of times in a process of evolving design. After each race, teams could go back and make changes to their car in order to try and improve their distance.

The workshop used practical skills and learning from STEM subjects in a challenging, exciting and fun way.

Rebecca Pindar, Assistant Headteacher, commented: “It is fantastic that some of our students had the opportunity to take part in the Hydrogen Car Challenge which was delivered by Arcola Energy. Activities like this compliment the work students study in STEM subjects. Gaining hands-on experience of the latest technologies and seeing the science involved in challenges such as this is vital in inspiring students to do well and to show them that they could be the designers and inventors of the future.”