Letters to parents: Cashless Catering and ParentPay Information

As previously reported on our website (Article: Cashless Catering) we are launching two new systems aimed at improving the efficiency of meal provision in our canteen and the method in which meals are paid for. These systems are Cashless Catering and ParentPay.

Your child has today been handed the following letter and accompanying FAQ document which help explain the process. The letter requires a response from parents as part of the framework for the implementation of both systems. For convenience, these documents can also be viewed/downloaded using the links below:

Cashless Catering - Letter to Parents

Cashless Catering - FAQ's

In addition, we are happy to share with you the following information relating to ParentPay. Further information and instructions will be released w/c 5th June.

ParentPay - Letter to Parents

ParentPay - FAQ Flyer

ParentPay - Usage Flyer