Always on my Mind

As part of the continuing work to help improve the mental health and well-being of people across our region, Hull and East Yorkshire Mind are currently running a ‘Tea and Talk’ campaign which encourages people to take a few minutes out from their daily activities to relax and speak to others about their emotional and physical well-being.

The campaign forms part of a wider programme of events launched earlier this month during national Mental Health Awareness Week with the aim of further smashing the stigma associated with openly discussing our feelings.

Tea and Talk also aims to raise vital funds for the Hull and East Yorkshire Mind charity through the sale of cakes and treats during events.

Today, Wednesday 24th April, members of the Sixth Form hosted their own event in the Holderness Learning Centre. Cups of tea and coffee were readily available, as were a good supply of cakes, buns and other treats which had either been home-made or store-bought for the occasion. A total of £100.33 was raised for the charity in just under two hours, which was a fantastic result. 

Rather appropriately, the event took place during arguably the most stressful time in any students’ educational life – the exam season. Mid-way through the event, a number of Sixth Form students arrived back from an exam and straight away took the opportunity to enjoy some much-needed refreshment. They also readily spoke about how they were feeling after sitting the exam, something which they may not have otherwise had the chance or inclination to do. This perfectly demonstrated why events like this are vital in offering a platform for people to open up.

The event was attended by former WHS teacher Katie McCreaddie, who is now an Assistant Fundraiser with Hull and East Yorkshire Mind. Miss McCreaddie commented: ‘Campaigns such as Tea and Talk are crucial in helping us raise much-needed funds to manage mental health support in our local area. They not only help us raise money but also send a message to people to support each other, encouraging them to talk openly about mental health.'

‘On behalf of the charity, I would like to thank Withernsea High School both for hosting today’s event and for their fantastic donation which will go directly towards helping people in our area.’

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