WHS Scientists spark positive reaction at Burstwick Primary School

Following the huge success of two earlier visits to Patrington and Withernsea Primary Schools, staff members from Withernsea High School’s Science faculty recently visited Burstwick Community Primary to showcase a range of interesting experiments.

The visit on Thursday 4th May was arranged as part of the Science faculty’s on-going campaign to raise the profile of the subject among primary school pupils.

Teacher of Biology Daisy Turner and Senior Science Technician Viki Foster delivered assemblies to pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2 which posed the question: ‘What is Science?’. The question was answered through a range of exciting, magical and sometimes explosive experiments which captivated the young pupils.

Following the assemblies, pupils in years 1 to 4 were invited to get hands-on with science as they took part in various activities which linked in with the topics they are currently studying in lessons. These included: the rock cycle, animals, skeletons and muscles.

Pupils were encouraged to explore the similarities between humans and animals as they studied the science behind skeletons and muscles. They were tasked with making their own working model of a muscle before being challenged to make a basic skeleton, using marshmallows and spaghetti to support a hardboiled egg as a ‘head’.

In another activity, pupils investigated the Rock Cycle – exploring different types of rock before making their own cycle using Starburst sweets.

Senior Science Technician Mrs Foster commented: ‘We had an absolutely fantastic day at Burstwick Community Primary School. The pupils were fantastic and demonstrated some great scientific knowledge. We hope that they had a really enjoyable day and that we have helped to inspire the next generation of scientists!’

Biology teacher Daisy Turner added: ‘The enthusiasm shown by staff and students at Burstwick Primary was lovely to see. A brilliant day was had by all.’

Sue Ashton, a Teaching Assistant at Burstwick school, commented: 'The pupils really enjoyed being able to interact and take part with the experiments in the session. Viki and Daisy both worked well with the children, making them interested and willing to learn in a fun way. The children commented at the end of the session how they had really enjoyed it and would like to do it again.'

Lacey, a pupil in Burstwick's Class 4, said: 'I thought it was the best thing I’ve ever seen! I liked the fire parts and when we crunched and heated the Starbursts. Thank you for everything you did. I hope you come to our school again and do some more!'.Please scroll down below the images for more pupil comments.

The day ended with Miss Turner and Mrs Foster being awarded a ‘Wow’ from the students (the school's points system) and a moment of glory on the 'Wow Chair' in recognition of a great day.





Burstwick Community Primary School - Class 4 Pupil Reviews

'When we had the assembly with Class 5, I really enjoyed it! Especially when Tilly balanced the coke can which was awesome! Afterwards, when we came back into the classroom to do the workshop, I really wanted to eat the Starburst! I loved it! It was the best day ever!' - Charlotte

'The science people were very good. I liked the fire they put powder in. It was the best day ever!' - Thomas 

'I liked the assembly and when I got to take part it was fun! It was also fun playing with the Starburst and melting it. I liked everything and would like to say a big thank you to Viki and Daisy' - Tilly

'I thought that the Science you did was absolutely awesome! I loved it! I can’t pick what was the best bit! You’re really good scientists Viki and Daisy. Can you come more often?' - Lily

'I had a great time when you came. How did you make an explosion without breaking the water jug? When you came in to the classroom and we were all making rocks using Starbursts it made me very hungry!' - Noah

'I had a great time when you came to our school. I don’t have a best bit because I loved all of it! Thank you for coming!' - Millie

'Thank you for coming. I loved the explosions! Hope you come again!' - Archie

'In the Science assembly, my favourite bit was when Viki and Daisy poured all the liquid into a big jug, poured it out, lit the tip of the jug and the fire went into the bottle and came straight out!' - Ben M

'I really liked the assembly with the fire and explosions. The workshop was good and making sweet stones was fun!' - Sophie

'Thank you for coming. You were the best Scientists ever!' - William

'Thank you Viki and Daisy for the lesson, it was one of my favourite lessons I have ever had and I really want to do it again! One of my favourite bits was when you turned the liquid pink and then turned it into water. I also like the fire experiment. I liked it when you came to our classroom and we made rocks out of Starbursts.' - Kieran