Open Bridges Workshop

On Wednesday 12th July, students in class 7T1 engaged in a creative writing workshop which explored freedom and movement, separation and connection in relation to Open Bridges - an upcoming City of Culture event.

The Open Bridges event, which takes place on Friday 22nd September, will see all 13 of the River Hull’s moveable bridges being raised or swung open simultaneously to divide the city.

It will be the first time in Hull’s history that all bridges will be opened at the same time, creating a symbolic wall by splitting the city in two, separating East from West and denying the freedom of movement across the city. 

The Open Bridges workshop explored the concept of freedom and the impact of freedom denied to so many people in the world today. Students began the session by playing a game called ‘You’ve got to taste it’ where they described and guessed each other’s favourite and least favourite foods to demonstrate the idea that the only way to truly understand something is to experience it personally.

This was followed by a discussion about famous people from Hull where the class discussed William Wilberforce and human rights.

Lots of discussion and interaction led to some stunning pieces of creative writing from the students, some of which will be displayed in Hull during September’s event.

For more information about the Open Bridges event, and to see examples of our students’ work from the workshop, please visit the following link:


All images by Piotr Korczynski