Athletics Success

On Tuesday the 11th of July, Withernsea High School hosted its own in-house athletics day.

The event was organised to raise the status of athletics within school and to inspire competition between students in preparation for their participation in county-wide inter-school sporting activities – the first of which took place yesterday, Thursday 20th July, at Costello Stadium in Hull (please see further down the page for news about this).

Due to various factors over the past decade, including the move to the new school and staff changeover, there were unfortunately a number of large gaps in the school’s athletics records. The Sport Department have therefore decided to use this event as the new starting point for the keeping of continuous records of student athletic achievements.

The day proved a huge success, with some great results, distances, times and heights being recorded. Such was the success of the day that it is now set to become an annual fixture in the school’s sporting calendar.

Parents were invited to spectate at the event, which offered students a supportive boost and created a great atmosphere on the field.  Additional parental engagement is something the Sport Department are looking to raise awareness of and build upon next year. 

The winners of the WHS Athletics Day are as follows: 

Year 7 - Kurt Hauber and Emily Kirkwood
Year 8 - Jack Hart and Lucy Mitchell
Year 9 - Kazia Walby and Jordan Cane
Year 7 - Charlie Bristow and Emily Kirkwood
Year 8 - Jack Hart and Lillie Russell
Year 9 - Callum Dean and Kayleigh Feeney

Year 7 - Charlie Bristow and Abbie Lindgren
Year 8 - Aidan Snaith and Rosie Littlewood
Year 9 - James Medcalf and Kazia Walby
Year 7 - Emily Kirkwood and Billy Fincham
Year 8 - Charlie Clark and Ascemina Koutsi
Year 9 - Kai Littlewood and Kazia Walby

Year 7 - Kurt Hauber 
Year 8 - Ascemina Koutsi
Year 9 - Jordan Cane
Shot Put
Year 7 - Charlie Bristow and Ebony Swyer
Year 8 - Lloyd Ainley and Chloe Daividson
Year 9 - Michael Stocks and Daisy Proby

Year 7 - Charlie Bristow and Emilie Borcklebank
Year 8 - Lloyd Ainley and Chloe Davidson
Year 9 - Michael Stocks and Daisy Proby
High Jump
Year 7 - Kerrie Dearing and Charlie Bristow
Year 8 - Harvey Dearing and Grace Rollinson
Year 9 - Jack Middleton and Ellie Illey

Long Jump
Year 7 - Megan Doyle and Corey Biggs
Year 8 - Jack Hart and Lucy Mitchell
Year 9 - Leah Garbutt and James Chantry
Triple Jump
Year 7 - Megan Doyle and Billy Fincham
Year 8 - Daisy Clubley and Adam Jobling
Year 9 - Kai Littlewood and Kayleigh Feeney

A special mention goes to Charlie Bristow who took four first place awards and Jordan Cane who took two. Well done!


Costello - Thursday 20th July

Yesterday, Thursday 20th July, saw another enjoyable and extremely successful day at Hull’s Costello Stadium for students of Withernsea High School as they took part in the East Riding’s School Athletics Competition.  

The glum, wet weather did not manage to dampen the spirits of our students and their behaviour and attitude throughout the day was commendable. 

Many students achieved personal bests during the day and a few managed to make their way on to the podium and in to the medals. The full results of the competition will be released later in the summer.

Teacher of PE, Mr Beattie, commented: ‘The sportsmanship and manners displayed by the students, both during and after events, was fantastic to see. Many students went out of their way to congratulate winners and commiserate losers and the staff are all extremely proud of their efforts.’

Special mentions go to the following students who stood in at the last minute to take part in races for injured.  Their effort and determination for the school to succeed was second to none.  These pupils were Taurie Jackson, Ascemina Koutsi, Callum Dixon, Lloyd Ainley and Harvey Dearing.