Among the words of wisdom now in place are quotes from Nelson Mandela, writer and inventor Arthur C Clarke and Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York.

Completing the set of inspirational messages are quotes suggested by Year 11 student Kayleigh Young and Gary Hornsby, a member of our Alumni who attend Withernsea High between 1969 and 1974. 

Kayleigh’s quote ‘There is no ceiling to achievement’ has been suitably positioned on the top floor of the school’s three-storey teaching block and reflects her desire to push herself in her studies. Kayleigh commented: ‘I am really, really happy that my quote was chosen as I think it is one that will help inspire people to work harder. This school has made me who I am today and I’m really pleased that my quote will be seen by students both now and in the future.’

When thinking of a suitable message to display in a refurbished area of the original school buildings, inspiration was sought from former students. A perfect quote was sourced from the Alumni submission of Gary Hornsby, an Architect and director of SALT Architects in Beverley who, in his words of encouragement to our current students, offered the advice: ‘Aim high, but be humble’.

As students enter the building through their main entrance they are now greeted with the words ‘Aspire to be more, not to have more’ – a quote taken from a speech delivered by the Archbishop of York at the official opening of the Holderness Learning Centre in September 2012. His comment struck a chord with many members of our school community and was a perfect choice for display. In March 2016, Archbishop Sentamu returned to the school where he performed a blessing in the area which now displays his quote of inspiration. 

Media Coordinator Tim Nuttall commented: ‘The work to personalise the school is very exciting and it’s fantastic to see the blank canvas of our state-of-the-art learning environment being transformed to reflect the character of our school. The recently installed quotes are already proving to be a success with our students and we look forward to further enhancements which will see examples of their work displayed around the whole site.’

Year 11 student Kayleigh Young poses with her quote 'There is no ceiling to achievement'.

Nelson Mandela's famous quote 'Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world' is featured on the walls of Y Corridor.

'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic'. This Arthur C Clarke quote appears quite appropriately outside our Design Technology rooms.

'Aspire to be more, not to have more'. The words of the Archbishop of York appear in our student foyer.     

"Aim high, but be humble' - A positive message from former student Gary Hornsby appears in a refurbished area of our original buildings.