Information for new Year 7 Students

Your first day at Withernsea High School will be on Tuesday 5th September 2017

• You will need to be at school by 8.45am. When you arrive, please wait in the area outside Reception.

• You will be met by members of the Senior Leadership Team who will then take you in to the school hall to meet your Form Tutors.

• We will take a quick group photograph of you all before you head off to your form rooms with your tutors where you will be given a planner, your lesson timetable and other important information.

• During the morning, Mr Williman, Headteacher of Withernsea High School, will deliver a brief welcome assembly to you.

• At lunchtime, you will be allowed down to our dining room a few minutes early to beat the rush!

• For those students travelling by school bus, you will be allowed to leave a few minutes early at the end of the day to make sure you catch the right one. School staff will be around to help you.

Please see the Transition Booklet you were given on the open evening for more information. If you have misplaced it, please click the following link to view / download a digital version: Year 6 Transition 2017

English Transition Task: During July's Transition days, you were given an English Transition booklet containing various tasks which must be completed by your first English lesson in September. If you have misplaced this booklet, please click here to download a copy.

Transition Days - July 2017

Highlights of the two day visit to the High School. Can you see yourself in our video?

On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th July, Year 6 pupils were given the chance to experience a typical day in Year 7 as they visited the High School for the annual Transition Days.

The days provide a unique opportunity for primary pupils to get a taste of what daily life will be like at WHS. They engaged in a number of lessons across the curriculum including: DT, Humanities, IT, English, Maths, Dance, Music, Sport and Science.

Pupils were also given the chance to explore the school in their free time; have a taste of school dinners and, for those pupils who live in the villages, they were given an opportunity to use the school buses which will form part of their daily life from September.

On the evening of Thursday 13th, parents accompanied their children to the school to meet Heads of Houses and Form Tutors. Amongst other activities, there was also an opportunity to purchase school uniform and learn about the recently introduced Cashless Catering system.

Both Transition Days were a resounding success and we look forward to welcoming our new Year 7 cohort in September.

Year 5 and 6 Open Evening

Our next public open evening is the Year 5 and 6 Open Evening on Thursday 5th October. This event offers a fantastic opportunity to see the school in action as all subject areas open their doors to showcase live demonstrations and offer further information about what will be studied at Withernsea High School. The evening, which runs from 5pm to 8pm, is open to all parents and children. We look forward to welcoming you!