Every local-authority-maintained school must publish specific information on its website to comply with The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016. The content of this page provides this statutory information.

Please click here to view the latest requirements as set out on the Government's website.


Summer School Strategy Statement 

Please click the link below to view/download details of the funding received, and a breakdown of how it was spent, on the Summer School held in August 2021. 

Document: Summer School Strategy Statement




16-19 Tuition Fund 

The 16-19 Tuition Fund is an additional funding for one-year for schools, colleges and other 16 to 19 providers to mitigate the disruption to learning arising from coronavirus (COVID-19).

Please click the link below to view/download details of this funding in relation to our school. 

Document: 16-19 Tuition Fund 



School contact details

Name: Withernsea High School

Address: Hull Road, Withernsea, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU19 2EQ

Telephone: 01964 613133

Upon connection to the switchboard you will usually speak to Mrs K Wallis, but calls may also be answered by other members of the school office staff including: Mrs K Emerson (Office Manager), Mrs C Moyse (Finance) and Mrs J Maplebeck (Support Assistant - Admin)

SENCO: Mr J Beattie / Mrs E McCreaddie (SEN Manager)

Mr Beattie and Mrs McCreaddie can be reached by phone via the school switchboard (01964 613133) or directly by email at or




There are two different types of admissions – those to start school at the ‘normal’ time for the start of the Year 7, and those for places in other year groups or at any other time – these are called ‘in-year’ applications for school places. In-year applications are made for example when a child is already attending one school and the parent/carers wish to move their child from one school to another, and when a family moves to a different area and needs a new school place for their child(ren).

The admission authority for our school is the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and admissions applications are co-ordinated by the Council.

If you would like to visit the school when considering making an application, please call 01964 613133 to arrange a visit.

How do I apply for a ‘normal’ school place for my child?

Applications to start our school for the first time, for the start of Year 7, should be made direct to the Local Authority in which you live by the deadline for applications. Late applications will be considered after those submitted by the deadline, often when there are no places available so it is important that you apply on-time.

If you live in East Riding of Yorkshire Council area, then you can find more information about ‘normal’ admissions processes, deadlines, details of the appeal process and other information at .

If you live outside the East Riding, you should apply to your ‘home’ Local Authority and not East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

There is no supplementary information form when applying for a place at our school.

How do I apply for an ‘in-year’ school place for my child?

Applications for ‘in-year’ school places are made through the local authority’s co-ordinated admissions scheme for in-year applications, and should be made direct to the Local Authority no earlier than one term before the place is required, and it is recommended that you apply no later than a period of twenty school days, that is four weeks in term time, before you wish for the place to be available for your child. Applications are considered in the order that they have been received, for example if there is one space available in a year group, the parent/carer who applied for their place first will likely be allocated the place for their child. Proof of residence may be required before places can be allocated, and the school fully adheres to the East Riding Fair Access Protocol. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application as soon as is possible, though this is commonly ten school days after an application has been received, but may be later in certain circumstances.

If you live in East Riding of Yorkshire Council area, then you can find more information about ‘in-year’ admissions processes, and details of the co-ordinated admissions scheme at where you can also find and download an application form along with details of how to appeal for a school place where you have been refused. If you live outside the East Riding, you should apply to your ‘home’ Local Authority and not East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

There is no supplementary information form when applying for a place at our school.

Who makes decisions on school admissions applications?

The admissions authority for the school is the Council, who make admissions decisions based on information provided by the school such as the capacity of the class/year group and the number of pupils already on roll.

Where can I find a copy of the admission arrangements for the school?

As the admissions authority for the school is the Council, the admission arrangements for the school are set by the Council alongside those that apply for all other community and voluntary controlled schools. You can view these arrangements for the current and some future school years on the Council’s website at

Who should I contact with queries on school admissions?

You can contact the East Riding School Admissions Team by email at , by writing to School Admissions Team, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, County Hall, Beverley, HU17 9BA.

You can also call 01482 392100 in school hours.



Ofsted report

Please click here to view/download our most recent Ofsted report from November 2021 which judges Withernsea High School to be a Good school.

You can also view our official listing on the Ofsted website by clicking here.


Exam and assessment results

Key Stage 4 (end of secondary school) results 2020

Due to the cancellation of examinations in summer 2020, the government has announced that it will not publish any school or college-level education performance data based on tests, assessments or exams for 2020.

Please refer to the 2019 school results below for our most recent set of examination and performance data.

Key Stage 4 (end of secondary school) results 2019  

Progress 8 Score


Attainment 8 Score


Attainment in English and Maths - percentage of pupils achieving a grade 5 or above in GCSE English and Maths


English Baccalaureate (EBacc) average point score (APS) 


Percentage of pupils that enter the English Baccalaureate (EBacc


Student 'destinations'. The percentage of students who continued in education or training, or moved on to employment at the end of 16 to 19 study


Key Stage 5 (16 - 18) results 2019

Please click here to visit Withernsea High School's 16 - 18 performance table page on the Government's website.


Performance tables

Find and compare schools and colleges across England. View school performance, characteristics, workforce, finance and Ofsted inspection outcomes.

Related content: Withernsea High School's official performance tables page -



Full information about the curriculum provided at Withernsea High School can be found under a dedicated tab on the main menu of the school website.

Subjects are listed by name with links to individual pages which display the curriculum for Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) and Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11).

Key Stage 4 - Please click here to view/download our most recent Pathways booklet. The booklet provides a full list of courses available to our students in Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) and is handed out to students in Year 9 as they prepare to choose their options.

Further information about the curriculum at Withernsea High School can be sourced by contacting Mrs A Mackenzie (Assistant Headteacher) at 



Remote education

Please click the link below to view/download information about our remote education provision.

Document: Remote education provision


Behaviour policy

Our Behaviour for Learning Policy exists to develop and encourage relationships that underpin the aims of Withernsea High School.

Only with good relationships based on our agreed values will our aims be achieved.

Please click here to view/download our Behaviour for Learning policy.


Pupil Premium

Document: Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021-2022

Document: Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2020-2021


Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support Year 7 pupils who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or Maths at the end of Key Stage 2 (KS2).

Please click here to view/download the 2019-2020 analysis

Please note: Funding has been withdrawn for 2020-2021 academic year.



Coronavirus (COVID-19) catch-up premium

Total number of pupils  740 
Total catch-up premium £56,640

Please click the link below to view/download the full strategy for the spending of the Covid-19 catch-up premium. 

Document: Covid-19 Catch-up Premium


Equality objectives

Please click here to view/download our Equality in Employment Policy and Guidelines



SEN policy

Please click the link below to view / download the school's SEND Policy and Information Report, demonstrating how Withernsea High School addresses the needs of learners who require additional support: 

SEN Policy and Information Report 


Mr J Beattie (Senco): 

Mrs E McCreaddie (SEN Manager): 

Mrs R Pindar (Deputy Headteacher): 





Careers programme information

The school's Careers contacts are:

• Mrs Victoria Foster (Careers Leader)

• Mrs Rebecca Pindar (Deputy Headteacher)

Both Mrs Foster and Mrs Pindar can also be contacted by phone via the school’s main switchboard on 01964 613133.

Careers Programme Information: Please click here to view/download a summary of Withernsea High School's careers programme.

Access Policy: We welcome enquiries for access from all employers, apprenticeship providers, and FE and HE providers. Our access policy can be found in our Careers Programme Information above. Alternatively, please contact Mrs V Foster (Carers Leader) directly at or by phone on 01964 613133.  

Date of review: The Careers Programme Information will next be reviewed in March 2022. 

COVID-19 STATEMENT: We are welcoming visitors back into the school but due to the ongoing effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still some restrictions in place. Please discuss these with the Careers Leader when discussing your access arrangements for specific events. 


School complaints procedure

It is a requirement of Section 29 of the Education Act 2002 that all schools have procedures in place for dealing with complaints. Any person, including members of the general public may make a complaint about any provision of facilities or services that a school provides unless separate statutory procedures apply e.g. pupil exclusions.

Withernsea High School seeks to promote positive relationships between all members of the school community and welcomes feedback in the form of comments, compliments and complaints feedback can help to improve services and help to raise standards.

Main policy: Complaints policy
Please click the link to view / download.

Further information about concerns and complaints can be found on the East Riding of Yorkshire Council website by following the link below:


Governors' information and duties

As per the statutory requirements, our dedicated Governors page contains comprehensive information about all members of the governing body including: attendance records; special responsibilities; curriculum links and business and financial interests.

Please click here to visit the Governors page.

Contact with our Governing Body can be made via Mrs Fay Crawforth (Clerk to Governors) by:

Withernsea High School
Hull Road
East Riding of Yorkshire
HU19 2EQ
01964 613133



Financial information 

Number of school employees who have a gross annual salary of £100,000 or more:

Withernsea High School's page on the Schools Financial Benchmarking Service: 


Charging and remissions

Please click here to view/download our charging and remissions policy.


Values and ethos

Our aims are for all young people to:

● Broaden their horizons

● Develop the skills, knowledge and attributes to succeed in a changing world

● Achieve excellent outcomes

Please click here to read more


Requests for paper copies

Paper copies of the information found on our website are available free of charge to parents and carers upon request.

Please contact the school office on 01964 613133 or email to submit a request.

Copies may either be collected in person or sent through the post.