Consents and agreements

Please click here to view/download the Data and Consent Pack.

This pack combines all of our data and consent forms in to one handy pack which you can complete when your child joins the school.

The pack contains:

1) - Student details - Data collection for general information about your child.

2) - Contact details - Data collection for home contact details and the priority sequence of who we contact in the event of illness or an emergency.

3) - Media and Biometric Consent - Consent form for internet usage and the use of images of your child in school and in the media. Biometric consent form for Cashless Catering.

4) - Home-School Agreement - The general agreement between parents/carers, their child and the school ‐ to be signed by the student and a parent/carer.

5) - Medical and consent - Data collection for student medical issues and consent form for the school to administer medication if instructed.

6) - Extra-curricular trips and activities - General consent for your child to take part in external visits, after school clubs and rewards activities.

Hard copies are also available from the school office. 

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

GDPR is a European-wide law that replaced the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 in the UK.

Withernsea High School are committed to ensuring the safety of the data we hold and of demonstrating our compliance with the regulations.

To find out more about this, please click the links below to view/download relevant information.

1) - Main Data Protection Policy

1b) - Data Protection Policy Appendix - Appropriate Policy Document

1c) - Freedom of Information Policy

2) - Privacy Notice (Staff)

3) - Privacy Notice (Pupils)

4) - Privacy Notice (LAC)

5) - Subject Access Request (SAR) Form

6) - Information for Parents/Carers

Hard copies of the above are also available from the school.

Sarah Evans is the Data Protection lead for Withernsea High School. The school has appointed East Riding of Yorkshire Council to be the Data Protection Officer as part of a traded service. 

To contact the school regarding any data protection matters please email:


Systems and Communications 

At Withernsea High School, we use a number of systems and communications platforms to help keep our school community connected.

This guide provides an overview of the systems we have in place, what they’re used for and the steps parents/carers and students need to take to access them.

Please click the link below to view/download: 

Systems and Communications Leaflet



Please click the links below to view/download.

Lockers Application Form
Please complete the form and return to the school office to request a locker. Please remember to view the Lockers Agreement (below) and sign your acknowledgement on the application form. Hard copies of both forms are also available from the school office.  

Lockers Agreement
A copy of the parent/student agreement for the annual hire of school lockers. To request a locker, please collect a form from the school office or download a copy from the link above.




Please click the links below to view/download key policies:

Behaviour for Learning*

Charging and Remissions*


Equality in Employment*

Parent Code of Conduct

School Complaints*

School Dress Code (Students) 

SEND Policy and Information Report 

Strategic Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Supporting Medical Needs

Policies marked with an asterisk are those which we are required to publish to comply with The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016. Please visit our Statutory information page for further information.

Privacy statements

Please click the links below to view/download:

Assembly - Privacy Statement



Please click the links below to view/download:

Whole school prospectus 2021 - 2022
An introduction to Withernsea High School for prospective students and their parents/carers.  

Pathways 2022
GCSE options booklet for students in Year 8 as they head towards selecting subjects for study in Key Stage 4 (Years 9, 10 and 11). Contains curriculum information for all subjects on offer.  



Please click the link below to view/download:

Transport Guide 2021 - 2022
A booklet containing useful information about bus services to and from the school. It includes full timetables for all routes, plus information about the school's 50% reimbursement scheme for students travelling by EYMS 75/77 services from outside of catchment area.