Cashless Catering

Withernsea High School operates a Cashless Catering system.

The system has removed the use of cash from the purchasing process, leading to a more efficient service in our canteen. Funds can be deposited by parents/carers quickly and conveniently online through ParentPay or by students themselves using cash at one of two deposit machines located in school.

Students pay for their meals at the till using either biometric authentication (thumb print) or a PIN number to access funds that have been pre‐paid in to their account.

The system is also ‘Free School Meals’ friendly.

Documents (please click the links below to view/download).
Hard copies are also available from the school office.

Cashless Catering

A pamphlet which explains how the Cashless Catering system works. It also includes information about the online payment system ParentPay and the process for students entitled to Free School Meals

Media and Biometric Consent Form - Data and Consent Pack

To pay for meals at the tills, students can use a thumb print algorithm (biometrics).

Please complete the Biometric Consent form on Page 4 of the school's main Data and Consent pack and return to the school. 




Each student is entitled to one free bagel per day. These are available each morning as students arrive at school. 


Break time 

The Diner is open at breaktime (10.25am - 10.45am) for a range of snacks and drinks. 


Lunchtime rota and menus 

Menu and rota last updated: September 2021

Withernsea High School operates a three week lunch menu. 

DOWNLOAD: Please click here to view/download the weekly lunch menus and rota for the full 2021-2022 academic year



Meal Deal

Our £2.70 meal deal remains the most popular and cost-effective option at lunchtime. This guarantees students either:

- a sandwich OR hot meal, plus a drink

- a sandwich OR hot meal, plus a dessert.

Occasionally, where the pricing of individual items in a chosen combination works out cheaper than the cost of the meal deal, the student will always pay the lower price.

Students opting for the 'meal and dessert' option have access to water fountains where they can top up their drinks bottles to ensure they stay hydrated.