Official policy

Please click here to view / download our full school dress code and equipment policy.

Areas covered include: General uniform, PE clothing, school equipment, jewellery and personal mobile devices.

School equipment

All students are expected to have the following equipment for all lessons:

* Planner
* Pen
* Pencil
* Pencil sharpener
* Ruler
* Eraser
* Compass
* Crayons
* Felt-tips
* Dictionary
* Calculator

These should be carried in a suitable bag.


 Mobile devices

Mobile phones must not be turned on during the working day - this includes breaktimes, lunchtimes and in-between lessons. 

Mobile phones, MP3/4 players and other items of this type will be confiscated if seen by a member of staff and be placed in the school office for collection at the end of the school day.

The school does not accept responsibility for phones lost or stolen on school premises.

Please consult the policy for full details

School uniform - online ordering

We have made some changes to improve the system for supplying school uniform.

You can now order and pay for school uniform online from School Trends by following this link:

You can either pay online or if you prefer, you can order online and send a cheque to the address below:

School Trends
10 Carley Drive
S20 8NQ

Alternatively, if you do not have access to the internet, you can collect an order form from school and order by post.

There are no minimum order quantities and your uniform will be delivered directly to your chosen address. As well as our approved decorated school uniform, you are also able to order plain items such as trousers and shirts.

Other ordering information including sizes, delivery information and the returns procedures is available on the School Trends website.


PE uniform

For reasons of health and safety all students are required to bring a full change of sporting clothing for PE lessons.

Students should have the following: Navy blue polo shirt with school logo (short sleeved) and either navy blue shorts with school logo and navy blue socks or navy blue tracksuit trousers with WHS logo (not school logo) with white ankle socks and appropriate footwear for the activity (i.e. boots for outdoor activities and clean trainers for indoor events).

Shin pads should be worn for football, hockey and rugby. Additional clothing available, but not compulsory is navy blue training shirt with school logo (long sleeved) and navy blue fleece with school logo.

All PE clothing is available from the school office.