It involved students working in groups as engineers to solve a problem based on a real issue in Nepal. Using STEM skills, they had to work together to come up with a practical solution to transport tomatoes from the tops of mountains where they are grown to the markets in the towns in the valleys below, without them getting squashed.

They had to consider their designs before modelling their solution using only card, Sellotape and string. Table tops and chairs were used to simulate the tops of mountains and the floor for the markets. Designs were tested using real tomatoes, which had to remain intact throughout their journey for the design to be deemed a success.

Event organiser Beci Pindar commented: 'It was great to see all the unique and successful designs that the students came up with to transport the tomatoes down the mountains. The students expertly took on the role of designers and engineers and used their knowledge of Science Technology Engineering and Maths to solve the problem they had been given. Through fun activities such as this we aim to encourage students to consider the various engineering jobs there are as a future career!'