The event, organised in partnership with UKSTEM and Withernsea High School, continues to grow year-on-year and this year attracted more prospective female engineers than ever before.

Around 64 Year 8 and 9 girls from schools including Malet Lambert, Newland High School for Girls, Winifred Holtby, Kelvin Hall and Withernsea High School attended the event where they took part in several different activities which helped them understand more about what a career in the engineering sector would be like. These included speed interviewing with 20 female engineers who were there to pass on their invaluable knowledge and advice gained from working in companies including BP, Enertek International, Airco and BAE Systems.

Thanks to BAE Systems, the girls were given the opportunity to try out their pilot skills and have a go at virtually landing a plane in the company's Virtual Cockpit Flight Simulator.

An inspiring, introductory talk by Dr Catherine Dobson of Hull University's Engineering Department explained how she herself was inspired into engineering by Hull's own female engineering role model - the famous aviator, Amy Johnson.

Mike Cargill of UKSTEM, joint organiser of the day's activities, together with Beci Pindar Assistant Headteacher of Withernsea High School, commented: 'The day was about understanding the options that are out there for the future. There is a real shortage of both female role models and females taking up STEM careers. A Royal Academy of Engineering report stated that 73% of parents said they believed that other subjects (than engineering) offer better career opportunities for girls - despite the fact that the UK needs 1 million more engineers by 2020. This isn't about asking girls to change direction, it's about showing what is available and what great opportunities there are in the world of engineering.'