Students' work showcased at local art festival

The Holderness Art Show has been a favourite feature of the local calendar for many years, with a variety of local art groups, individuals, school groups and indeed professional artists exhibiting work during the dedicated annual event.

Following an approach from the show's organisers, Withernsea High School’s Art, Design and Technology Faculty were this year invited to exhibit the work of the school’s students at the three day event which was held in the Burton Pidsea Memorial Hall on the weekend of the 1st and 2nd July. 

Work was provided by a number of Year 10, 11 and 12 students who submitted a range of pieces from their GCSE and A-Level examination portfolios.  A range of media was used from Year 10 sketch books (Alice Bullock), family portraits in pencil (Hannah Medcalf) to semi abstract paintings in acrylic of her brother (Danika Mason).

Luke Siddle used a laser cutter and painting to create a large pixelated portrait, Maria Willingham presented still-life paintings and hyper-realist pencil portraits of her father and Chelsea Lea created still life paintings in response to the A-Level examination brief.

Finally, Chloe Batty produced a mixed media painting and 3D collage portrait of a friend. All of this work was completed during Art lessons at school over the last year.

The show provided a great opportunity for local and regional artists to showcase their own work and network with other like-minded individuals in a local venue. 

The Memorial Hall in Burton Pidsea is shortly to be refurbished and will provide an even better showcase for our students’ work within the community in the future. Plans are already afoot for further involvement from Withernsea High School students at next year’s event.

During the weekend event, many positive comments filtered back to school via the organisers who recognised the outstanding work of students within the Art, Design and Technology Faculty.

Scott Hamilton, Teacher of Art, commented: ‘It was really great to experience such positive feedback from such a public exhibition.'

Nick Bullock, Faculty Progress Leader, added: ‘It’s always great to see the work of our students gaining such recognition and high praise within the local community.’