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Launched in 2013, the trip has become an established opportunity for our youngest students to experience a weekend away from home while engaging in a wide range of fun activities designed to boost confidence and encourage team-building.

During the weekend, students took part in a variety of challenges including: climbing, abseiling, fencing, problem-solving and rope courses.

Headteacher Richard Williman, who was one of the five accompanying staff on the trip, said: "Once again our Year 7 residential trip was a resounding success with students demonstrating throughout the weekend how well they can work together to overcome a variety of challenges, which for many they have never faced before.

"The ability to face difficulties with enthusiasm and resilience is a critical aspect to successful educational outcomes and it was great to see our students demonstrate this ability. I was also impressed with the way our students built on the excellent reputation we have for conduct and friendliness when taking part in trips and visits and I would thank everyone who went for adding to this."

"Final thanks to all the staff who gave up their weekend to make this happen and I look forward to another successful trip next year.”