An impressive 141 miles were covered in total, with 114 of these having been achieved on the exercise bike alone. Deputy Headteacher Mark Crofts put in an impressive late-afternoon stint on the bike to help build up the mileage with Head of Sixth Form Keith Bedson stunning everyone with a solid performance on the treadmill.  Please see the video below!

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Away from the healthiness of the exercise challenges, the Sixth Form also held their very own Great British Bake Off. Participants were instructed to bake a round sponge cake of any flavour, with a filling and decoration of their choice. Around 10 cakes were submitted for tasting by the judging panel. Head of that panel was (surprise surprise) Mr Bedson who was in great need of sustenance after his earlier exercise session. After the judging had taken place, the remaining cakes were sliced up and sold off to help raise additional funds.

It was a very tight contest due to the high standard of all the entries, but Year 13 student Michaela Haggarty took first place thanks to her excellent Malteser-topped red velvet cake.

The events were organised by Sixth Form Year Tutor Debbie Copeman who did a fantastic job of encouraging people to take part. Mrs Copeman commented: “It has been a fun day with everyone taking part. It’s been a real team effort and I would like to congratulate our students on their involvement”.

Just under £50 was raised by students donating loose change in to the collection buckets. 

Thank you and well done to all!

Please see below for a selection of pictures from the day...


Mr Bedson doing his bit for Sport Relief

Mr Crofts and Miss Merrithew keep the challenge going late in the afternoon

Year 13 student Molly Tramner hands Mr Crofts a much-needed cup of water after his stint on the exercise bike

Mrs Copeman with some of the excellent cakes that were entered in to the "Cake Off" contest

Head of the judging panel Mr Bedson took his role very seriously...  Also pictured, student judge Jordan Wearmouth (Year 12)

Mr Bedson holds Michaela Haggerty's winning cake as she collects the prize for her red velvet cake.

Year 13 student Chloe Hart combines the "Cake Off" with the exercise! (Don't try this at home folks!)