The programme, which was launched to Key Stage 3 (years 7 to 9) last year, allows students to log the books they have read and take part in quizzes which show their understanding of the books to help increase their reading age / ability whilst building key skills in preparation for their GCSE exams.

Students have a dedicated Accelerated Reader lesson every fortnight and are also given time to read during tutor times throughout the week.  All students are set a target of reading for at least 20 minutes a day, both in and out of school.

Yesterday morning, the top twenty Accelerated Reader stars were invited to an exclusive rewards morning filled with quizzes, breakfast treats and awards. The top twenty were selected for either having read the most words; for being the most improved over the term or for getting the highest scores in their quizzes. 

The quizzes are taken once students have completed a book within their reading age. If they pass, their scores and word counts are logged. Every month students that have excelled in their reading practise are named as Accelerated Reading stars and are awarded house points and prizes. If a student manages to read over a million words they enter the 'Millionaire's Club' and are awarded a certificate and our coveted Accelerated Reader star badge which gives them privileges around school.

Headteacher Richard Williman presented eight students with their Word Millionaire certificates yesterday, with the top student having read over three million words!

The Millionaire List:

Ilaria Edmans - 3,004,697
Rebecca Bacon - 2,082,208
Amy Inglis - 1,894,697
Jamie Dosdale - 1,409,153
Rosie Littlewood - 1,336,111
Eleri Faulkner - 1,163,918
Emma Spruce - 1,163,918
Ruby Baynes - 1,044,574
English teacher Michaela Pirie, who organised the rewards morning, commented: "As a school, we are really impressed with how students are demonstrating a passion for reading. Congratulations to our Word Millionaires and I look forward to us celebrating further successes in the near future”.

Headteacher Richard Williman and English Teacher Michaela Pirie with some of the Word Millionaire winners.