England 2 – Wales 1

Yesterday afternoon (16/06/16), around 350 of our students gathered in the sports hall to watch England beat Wales 2 – 1 in the group stages of Euro 2016.

There was a fantastic atmosphere as staff and students came together to support our national side. The only cheers louder than those of when England scored were when the live feed resumed playback after suffering a few buffering issues (the old adage of ‘never work with animals or children’ should definitely be modernised to ‘never work with technology and children’!). Nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the experience and England’s last-minute win sent our students home on a high.



Students react to England's winning goal

All staff and students were given the option of either watching the game or taking part in alternative study sessions. Around 150 students opted out of watching and were supervised in various classrooms by a considerable number of staff who had also opted out of watching.



Around 350 students gather in the sports hall to watch the match

Students celebrate England's second goal.

Staff feeling the tension earlier in the game.