House Point Champions 2016

Congratulations to Robert Cross House who are once again our House Point Champions!

They scored an impressive 20,134 points throughout the year, achieving an average point score of 127.4 points per student.

Runners up with an average of 125.4 per student were Kendall, closely followed by Lacey in third place with 125.1. Finishing in fourth place were Fouracre with an average of 113.4.

Due to the varying numbers of students in each of the four houses, the average point system is the fairest way of awarding the end of year house point trophy.

The real-time totals drive our rewards system and are published daily in the student bulletin. The overall point scores for each House in the 2015/16 academic are as follows:


House Number
of points
(real time

of students 
 point score 
Robert Cross 20,134 158 127.4
Fouracre 18,374 162 113.4
Kendall 17,553 140 125.4
Lacey 16,895 135 125.1



Head of House Mandy Mead with the students of Robert Cross House in the presentation assembly.