Free half-day science workshops this summer

A young entrepreneur from Hull is teaming up with The University of Hull to hold FREE half-day science workshops over the summer period for children aged 8-14.

Katie Norman of Lab Rascals, a provider of award winning science clubs and activities, will be running workshops including:

Molecules in Minecraft

The children will spend 1hr 30minutes in a laboratory building molecular structures found in chocolate with model kits. The children will learn how many bonds carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen can form, how these atoms bond together to make different molecules and small molecular changes can make a big difference. Once the children have learnt about molecular structure and bonding they will spend an hour on Minecraft exploring our molecules in Minecraft set.


The children will learn how to use a microscope by looking at a range of different prepared sample slides. Once the children know how to use a microscope they will collect a range of different samples from the university campus and take them back to the laboratory for analysis. This workshop is completed by the children making a model of their chosen sample with play dough.

Lab on a chip technology in Minecraft

The children will spend 1hour 30minutes in a laboratory doing a five different lab on a chip activities. The children will learn about microfluidics techniques and how useful these techniques are in cancer cell detection and DNA analysis. This is followed by a 1 hour Minecraft session exploring our lab on a chip world.
To book places for these workshops parents need to visit: and use the passcode: scihulluni