Reading committee

This week saw the launch of a brand new student-led reading committee. The aim of the nine-strong group is to encourage and celebrate reading among their peers and across the school as a whole.

A dedicated committee page will be launched on our website in the new academic year, allowing students to share their book reviews and suggested reads with the entire Withernsea High School community.

Literacy Coordinator Miss Katie McCreaddie said, "Say hello to the members of our exciting new reading committee. These avid readers have volunteered their own time to help us champion reading at Withernsea High School and they've got lots of exciting plans for the year ahead. If there's anything you want to know about teen fiction, then these folks are the experts. Keep an eye out for their new additions to the school website and look forward to a fantastic World Book Day in March."

Current committee members: Chloe Carter, Tracy Medcalf, Ruth Chapman, Chloe Hodkin, Lolly Harrison, Kayleigh Young, Eleri Faulkner, Brandon Hull and Rebecca Bacon.

If anyone else is interested in joining the committee or would like more information, please speak to Miss McCreaddie or Mrs Thompson (MMC).

ABOVE: Members of the committee at its official launch on Monday 18th July.
Left to right - Kayleigh, Rebecca, Lolly, Brandon, Ruth and Chloe.