Year 10 and 12 Geography Fieldwork

Fieldwork is an essential component of geography education. It provides students with the opportunity to enhance their learning outside the classroom and beyond the textbook in real world settings.

In recent weeks, year 10 and year 12 geographers have left their classrooms behind to put into practice the theory learnt in school.

Year 12 - Monday 21st March. 

Students worked together to test various hypothesis based on the upper course of the River Derwent, North Yorkshire. Collaboratively they used digital flow meters to measure river velocity; they also calculated cross sectional area and measured bedload size. For once the sun shone, enhancing a great day of learning. 


Year 10 – Monday 18th April

Year 10 went on a research based visit of the Holderness coast for their GCSE coursework. The first stop was Flamborough to investigate processes of erosion where students experienced muddy conditions on the steep decent to the beach that they hadn’t anticipated but had been warned about!

At Hornsea, students spoke to residents about their perception of erosion and the effectiveness of the defences there. At Mappleton they measured longshore drift and looked at the impacts of the village’s defences. 

Head of Geography Mrs Sarah Harris said: “We encourage our students to think like a geographers and what better way to do this than experience learning on location!”