Do you recognise anyone featured in the films? Maybe you remember them being made and can shed light on their year of creation and content? If you have any information, please email (quoting the video title) and let us know!

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Please note, there is no sound on the clips and we apologise for the poor quality of some of the footage.

WHS Cine Film 01 - Unknown

WHS Cine Film 02 - 1YJ

WHS Cine Film 03 - "Dr Glott and the Mad Machine"

WHS Cine Film 04 - "5th Form Antics"

WHS Cine Film 05 - Drama Outdoors

WHS Cine Film 06 - School Trip - London

WHS Cine Film 07 - "The Front Page"

WHS Cine Film 08 - "The Mad professor and his ideas"

WHS Cine Film 09 - The Chicken Run (Motorbike)