Bag 2 School appeal 2015

Please help us to support the Mapenane School in South Africa by recycling your unwanted textiles. Fabrics in any condition can be put in the bags (shoes, bags, clothes, soft toys, blankets, duvets) and returned to school. As an added incentive, 5 House Points will be awarded per bag received!

Please return the filled bags by Wednesday 3rd June.

"Bag2School" is a free fundraising scheme established in 2001. They work in partnership with Schools, Business, Community Groups, Local Councils and Charities to help raise funds from your donations.

Did you know? Over 70% of the world's population use second hand clothes...

- If everyone in the UK bought one reclaimed woollen garment each year, it would save an average 371 million gallons of water and 480 tones of chemical dyestuffs.

- At least 50% of textiles we throw away are recyclable, however, we only recycle around 25%.

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